Partner with ELPE for your Co-op or Internship Needs!

Whether you have an established co-op or internship program already in place or are just starting the process of hiring student talent, the Co-op and Internship Division of the Office of Experiential Learning and Professional Engagement (ELPE) is a “one-stop-shop” to advertise your domestic or global co-op or internship opportunities.

How we can help: 

  • We provide a direct connection to our undergraduate and graduate level engineering students.
  • Our recruiting services have now expanded to provide internship assistance in addition to cooperative education. You can recruit for multiple needs at one time and at one place. 
  • Be a part of cooperative education: support an academic program that is affiliated with the University.  
  • Gain visibility with our students and faculty. We can connect you with our student organizations and engineering departments.
  • No strict recruiting schedules to follow as our timelines are flexible and we can advertise various needs.  
  • When recruiting the best and brightest students, there are three equally important partners in the process: the employer, the students, and the University. ELPE brings this all together, located directly in the Swanson School of Engineering.

Professional Statement

The Office of Experiential Learning & Professional Engagement (ELPE) in Pitt’s Swanson School of Engineering maintains a high standard of professionalism and expects our industry partners and students to uphold the same values. Whether it is at a career fair, on the job, or any other professional setting, our partners and students will respect each other’s boundaries, be compassionate, responsible, understanding, and accountable. Respect is shown from our office, employers, and students to create a positive culture and a dynamic partnership from all sides. Integrity is the backbone of this three-sided partnership and the driving force behind successful collaboration.

Cooperative Education Program 

Our Cooperative Education program allows students to work more than just a summer. Students can work three alternating rotations in-between semesters of classes, and can start any semester (summer, fall, or spring). Students can also consider completing two 6 months rotations, with a Spring/Summer (Jan-June) or Summer/Fall (June/July-December) schedule. This allows students to devote more time to a project or business need, and managers can maximize on the training and implementation.

Pitt’s co-op program has been in place since it was reestablished in 1987 (originally dated back to 1910 but the great depression forced its suspension, making it one of the oldest engineering co-op programs in the country). Traditionally, Pitt’s co-op schedule has been structured with students working 3 work rotations alternating in-between semesters of classes. The philosophy of co-op is that a student progresses within each rotation in both responsibilities and skill sets, while enhancing their academic experience.

Our philosophy remains the same, but a student can now also choose to work two six- month rotations to gain the academic credit toward an elective but incorporating summers with more flexible schedules. Although not mandatory, almost half of our undergraduates opt to co-op. They keep full-time student status while on a co-op, all while gaining experience and competitive wages. Supervisors or mentors will be asked to complete an end of rotation evaluation offering feedback.  

Co-op offers Managers a cost-effective way to “try it before you buy it”: access student qualifications and project a future role in your organization. Normally, the annual percentage of full time offers extended to co-op graduates are about half, with acceptances in the 75% range.   

Benefits of Hiring a Co-op from Pitt:  

  • Students are available for longer, consecutive timeframes to support projects and business needs. They can bring different ideas perspectives, ideas, and technical skill sets to the workplace. 
  • Contribute to a student’s professional development, with the potential for a full-time hire after graduation. 
  • Provide students the opportunity to gain related experience while also gaining academic credit. Students earn 1.5 credits for a 6-month rotation or 1 credit for each 4-month rotation.
  • International graduate and undergraduate students do not need direct corporate sponsorship as a co-op student. They can apply for CPT (curriculum practical training) as a full-time student and obtain work authorization through the program. 
  • Increase company visibility while also gaining direct access to the majors you are looking for. 
  • No strict recruiting schedules to follow as our timelines are flexible and we can advertise various needs. 

Getting Started - Co-op Sample Schedules

Summer Internships 

Have hiring needs for internships? We can assist with that too. 

Summer internships (normally a 10–12-week timeframe) is a great way to offer related experience and possibly retain students for your full-time needs after graduation.  We can advertise your internships and provide qualified engineering candidates, both at the undergraduate and graduate level. Although there is not a “for-credit” component, nor involvement within a formal academic program by hiring an intern, students are still very interested in opportunities to expand on their knowledge and skill sets outside of the classroom over the summer months.  

We can help you with information on competitive wages and tips to make your internship opportunities stand out. 


Are you ready to start recruiting?  

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