Self-assembled, Interlocked Threads: Spinning Yarn with No Machine Needed

Pitt and Princeton engineers discover spontaneous intertwining of 2D polymer sheets into self-rotating 3D “dancing” spirals

A "Wicked" Challenge

Building a Better Blood Bank—in Kenya

A Sustainable Solution for Oil and Gas Wastewater

Pitt Engineers Develop Method that Can Recycle Water Used in Fracking and Drilling

How a Knee Replacement Impacts the Planet

New Research, co-authored by the late Dr. Freddie Fu, Reviews the Environmental Impacts of Orthopedic Surgery

Turning Non-Conventional Into Non-Negotiable

18th Annual Non-Conventional Materials Conference Set to Explore Ecological Construction Technology for the 21st Century

Pitt Startup ALung Joins LivaNova

LivaNova exec talks about the value of university research and bringing ALung into the fold

Capturing Cortical Connectivity Close-Up

Pitt Research Proposes New Method to Study Neural Networks in Living Brains

Dancing in the Light

Traveling wave of light sparks simple liquid crystal microposts to perform complex dance

Sparking Sustainable New Chemical Catalysts

Pitt Chemical Engineers Show How Tungsten Oxide Can Be Used as a Catalyst in Sustainable Chemical Conversions

Welcome to the Swanson School of Engineering

For 175 years, engineering at Pitt has had a singular mission: To create new knowledge which improves the human condition. And this new knowledge is not simply lab experiments, or journal articles, or textbooks. New knowledge lives in people, most especially in our outstanding students.

Throughout our academic, research, and community programs, we seek to build a culture of collaboration and inclusivity, supported by pillars of People, Partnerships, and Translation. Our focus is the holistic success of our students and alumni through life-long learning and engagement.

Our path forward is challenging, but our future lights the way. Forge Ahead.

James R. Martin II
U.S. Steel Dean of Engineering

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