Pitt’s Mascaro Center for Sustainable Innovation names Melissa Bilec as new Co-Director

Eric Beckman, founding co-director, to continue focus on innovation and translation programs

Making Waves in Predicting Aortic Aneurysms and Postpartum Complications

Pitt bioengineer Rama Mukkamala will study arterial waveforms as a predictive measure of aortic aneurysm size and fluid overload status in postpartum women

New $3 million National Science Foundation center aims to connect materials data science research to industry

Case Western Reserve, University of Pittsburgh launch MDS-Rely Center to make industrial materials more reliable and develop skilled manufacturing workforce

Finding the Fountain of Youth for Catalysts

Pitt Engineers Develop a New Method to Extend the Catalytic Lifetime of Nanoparticles

Visualizing Our City's Energy Use

Pitt Civil Engineers Use Pittsburgh to Create Energy Usage Model in Commercial Buildings

Eco-Village Seeks to Recirculate Pittsburgh’s Waste

Engineering undergrads hope to make Pittsburgh more sustainable through a community circular economy that optimizes waste management

Welcome to the Swanson School of Engineering

For 175 years, engineering at Pitt has had a singular mission: To create new knowledge which improves the human condition. And this new knowledge is not simply lab experiments, or journal articles, or textbooks. New knowledge lives in people, most especially in our outstanding students.

Throughout our academic, research, and community programs, we seek to build a culture of collaboration and inclusivity, supported by pillars of People, Partnerships, and Translation. Our focus is the holistic success of our students and alumni through life-long learning and engagement.

Our path forward is challenging, but our future lights the way. Forge Ahead.

James R. Martin II
U.S. Steel Dean of Engineering

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