Swanson School of Engineering graduate students may participate in Co-op and Internships opportunities.

This program offers graduate level students the opportunity to work full-time for at least one semester.   As an applicant to the program, you will benefit from our office’s job development efforts, but we strongly encourage you to seek intern and co-op openings on your own and apply to as many relevant positions as possible, as this is a competitive process.

Once placed in a co-op position, students register for the graduate co-op course, engineering 2090, which offers full-time status and is part of the graduate level curriculum, providing practical, full-time, and paid experience in your field of study. Student who take an internship position do not register or receive credit for the work experience.  Graduate level candidates have completed co-ops and internships  with companies all across the USA.
Students in both MS and PhD program are eligible to participate in all disciplines of engineeringMS Students can work one or two terms prior to graduation.

PhD candidates can complete one, two or three terms depending on coursework completion and dissertation requirements.

Grad co-ops earn competitive salaries and gain experience in their field, thus earning exposure in industry.

International students are invited to apply!  You can apply for CPT as a co-op since you are still considered a full-time student. More information on that process can be found via the international program.

Specifics of program participation follow:

SSoE undergraduates who go directly into a SSoE graduate program would be allowed to co-op the term before starting their graduate degree program as well as the term between their first and second graduate years.

Full-time MS students who were not SSoE undergraduates would be allowed to co-op after two academic semesters (typically the summer between the first and second year).

PhD students would be allowed to participate after two academic semesters with the approval of their research adviser and their graduate coordinator. They may participate for up to three rotations.

MS students who are GSRs would be allowed to participate after two academic semesters with the approval of the research adviser and the graduate coordinator.

Work with some of the best employers across the country!

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