Co-op/Internship Virtual Job Fair  

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Engineering Undergraduate and Graduate students can connect with Employers looking to recruit for co-ops and/or internships.

Computer Science/Information Science Undergraduate students interested in co-ops are also welcome to participate. 


Student registration information coming soon for Fall 2021 job fair!

Tips for a successful Co-op Fair experience:

Research the employers who will be attending:

  • Knowing something about the company and expressing your interest allows you to make a great impression

Dress & Communicate Professionally:

  • Although on-line, still dress professionally and make sure your background and surroundings are suitable when you are directly networking with employers. Be professional with your chats and communication verbal or written during the event.
  • Complete your profile during the event to provide information that will help employers connect with you easily.

Be ready to submit your resume:

  • Make sure your resume is updated and ready to go! You will be able to submit to employers via the event.

Talk to as many employers as you can:

  • Take the time to network and explore as many companies and opportunities as possible! Prioritize employers, but also be open to learning about new possibilities!


Opportunity to connect with students who are interested in a multiple rotation co-op starting the Spring/Summer 2022 or Summer/Fall of 2022. We have also expanded to assist with internship placements.

You will be provided a virtual booth to advertise information and network with students.  Instructions on how to use the event platform will be provided. 

We can also assist with posting any co-op or internship position for students to apply.   


Please contact Chris Frankovic, Interim Director,, with any questions or comments.