Current Swanson School of Engineering students must request approval prior to take courses at another institution via the Transfer Student Services office.

  • Advanced standing for engineering or engineering science courses will be considered only if the student completed the course and earned a grade of C or better. Courses that are taken on a pass/fail system that includes a D grade as passing will not be approved for advanced standing.
  • All courses that have equivalent counterparts at Pitt in terms of content and credits in the Swanson School of Engineering curriculum are eligible for transfer.
  • No transfer credits can be part of the final 25% of credits required for a degree.  These credits must be earned in residence.  In interpreting this regulation, credits earned on regional campuses are considered as transferable.
  • Transfer credits need to be earned within 12 years of the date when the Swanson School of Engineering degree requirements will be completed.
  • In accordance with University policy, re-evaluation of credits will be done by the admitting school, when necessary, according to applicable University policy and procedure. The policy applies to all previous credits earned, no matter if they were earned at the University of Pittsburgh or another institution.
  • No more than 60 credits may be transferred from a two-year college.  No more than 90 credits may be transferred from a four-year college.
  • If a course for which advanced standing credit has been granted is repeated, the advanced standing credit is canceled.
  • Coursework earned in approved foreign study programs will be awarded on a Satisfactory/No Credit (S/NC) basis, assuming a grade of C or better has been earned.
  • One credit taken at a quarter system school is equal to two-thirds a credit at the University of Pittsburgh. This may affect the ability of a course to transfer.
  • Engineering courses must be completed at an ABET certified institution with the exception of approved study abroad courses.
  • The Swanson School of Engineering does not accept CLEP credit for course credits.
  • Writing Designated courses (“W” Courses) may not be transferred in from another institution.

For further information regarding transfer credit question, please review the Swanson School of Engineering's page in the Pitt Catalog SSOE Transfer Credit Policies or email