Can I recruit both co-op and internships?

Yes, you can advertise both type of positions, but are also able to recruit for one type of opportunity if preferred. 

Are there specific recruiting schedules or timelines that ELPE requires? 

No, we do not have any limitations. While the fall semester tends to be the busiest time for recruiting both Spring and Summer term starts, we are always able to post opportunities and advertise to students. We understand there can be last minute openings or manager requests. We will still get the word out to students, while also advising you on expectations.

Normally if you are recruiting a semester before your start date, you still have a good number of qualified students to consider.

Are all co-op and internships advertised through ELPE paid positions? 

Yes, the employers pay the students. A salary survey is completed each year to assist you in determining the pay scale, if needed.

Are students expected to return for another rotation once they complete one?

Once a student completes a rotation, it is between the student and employer in deciding if they will return for another rotation. We advise that employers give co-ops a deadline on when they need to communicate their plans to possibly return and ask that you keep our office in the loop on what the outcome may be. 

Do Engineering students gain academic credit for both Co-ops and Internships? 

No, students only obtain credit through the co-op program and are still considered full-time students when on a rotation. There is no academic component to hiring an engineering intern.

What is the best hiring practice when extending an offer?

You can notify the student directly with an email or phone call with an initial or verbal offer, but a formal offer letter at some point in the recruiting process is normally preferred by the student. This should provide information such as start date, wage information, and if possible, a deadline to accept or decline the position. It is helpful to give the student a few days (3-7 days) to consider the offer. 

Does ELPE only work with Engineering students?

For the most part, yes. If you are also recruiting for a business intern or co-op, we can connect you with our colleagues in the College of Business. If you’re recruiting for Computer Science and Information Science students in addition to engineers, we can help you partner with the School of Computer and Information.

Can I hire students for my Global divisions/locations?

Yes!  Check out our Global Co-ops and Internship page for more details.  We welcome the opportunity for our students to include an international term as part of their co-op or internship program. Both employer and student participants have found this experience to be invaluable.