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How To Apply

Undergraduate Students:

Listed below are the steps to sign up with the Co-op Program. If you have any questions, please stop by the co-op office at 152 Benedum Hall, first floor behind the lobby front desk. Keep in mind this program is for multiple rotation co-op positions only.

  • Log into https://usr.engr.pitt.edu/CoOpStudent. This provides us specific information such as: your geographic preferences, do you have a car, what semesters are you able to start a co-op, do you receive financial aid, live in campus housing, etc. You can also let us know of any companies you are interested in. Please answer all of the questions completely and accurately. Please thoroughly read the Statement of Understanding before you submit your application.

    • Once you apply, you'll have access to our USR job posting portal. You'll login through the same link that you applied. You can search jobs by your major. BE SURE TO CHECK THE SITE FREQUENTLY FOR NEW POSTS!

      • After you’ve applied, please email or stop by with your resume to have it reviewed and approved by a co-op staff member. Once approved, you can email an electronic version to caf54@pitt.edu.  

    The final step will be to submit a sample co-op schedule and unofficial transcript prior to your co-op search. The schedule will help you in planning out your rotations, classes needed, as well as planning ahead if incorporating a minor, study abroad experience, or any other circumstances. Sample co-op schedules can be found on your departmental web sites or ask you advisor for assistance. You will need to have a final co-op schedule approved by one of the faculty co-op advisors in your department 

    • Sample Work Rotations Schedule- Schedule

    Questions? See the Undergraduate Student Handbook: Undergraduate Handbook

    Application Deadlines:

    Students apply to the Co-op Program at least one semester before they begin their rotations. In order to be eligible for all positions, please see the following dates for paperwork completion. *   

    • Spring Co-op: End of September
    • Summer Co-op: End of January
    • Fall Co-op: End of May
      *These deadlines are established with the student's best interests in mind. It is still possible for a student to apply after the deadline, however, this student will have missed out on opportunities.  

    *Students who want to RSVP for any of our fall 2020 events should email Chris Frankovic at caf54@pitt.edu.

    Graduate Students:

    Engineering Master and PhD candidates are eligible to complete one rotation over the summer, or possibly multiple rotations pending on academic schedules and programs. Please stop by the Co-op office at 152 Benedum Hall for more information.


    Graduate students must make sure that they are eligible to Co-op prior to applying to the program through the OIS office, and an approved Co-op schedule is needed from a Departmental Graduate Advisor. Eligible graduate students should apply on-line and complete the steps listed above.

    Questions? See the Graduate Handbook

    Schedule Form


    You are now ready to embark upon your co-op experience!
    Once you've accepted a co-op position, immediately notify the Co-op Office to sign your paperwork:

    • Co-op Contract Agreement
    • Financial Aid and Scholarship Information
    • Housing
    • Fees
    • Registration
    • Co-op credit

      * After accepting a co-op, remain professional to other companies that call you. Thank them, but let them know that you are no longer available. Those companies may be of interest to you in the future!