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Employer of the Year Award

Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. named 2018 Co-op Employer of the Year

Steve Won(6)

U.S. Steel Dean of Engineering, James R. Martin II (left), and Co-op Director, Maureen Barcic (right), present the Employer of the Year award to Steve Won and Brittany Chambers (middle).

Our history with Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. actually goes back to our first co-op in 2000, but things really took off when Holly Bolan, a former Pitt co-op and graduate, hired Laura Chessa, and then Tanner Lauderbaugh, in 2005 and 2006 respectively. Since then, 61 Pitt co-ops have been hired among the three McNeil locations! Our students have consistently rated the J&J co-op positions among the best, and some have been fortunate enough to accept full-time positions upon graduation.   

In addition, J&J has taken the time to nominate candidates for the co-op student of the year award. In 2016, Kendra LaVallee won the American Society of Engineering Education’s  National Co-op of the Year Award due to the outstanding mentorship  she received through her co-op experience. The students are offered the opportunity for leadership, camaraderie, travel, recognition, and so much more. 


Some previous Employer of the Year awards include:

2000 United Parcel Service
2001 AK Steel
2002 Mine Safety Appliances Company
2003 H.B. Maynard
2004 American Bridge Corporation
2005 Dupont Chemical Solutions Enterprise
2006 Valspar
2007 Medrad
2008 FedEx Ground
2009 Advanced Integration Group, Inc.
2010 Vocollect, Inc.
2011 FirstEnergy Corporation
2012 Siemens Energy

2013 Eaton

2014 Westinghouse

2015 Robinson Fans, Inc. and ZOLL LifeVest

2016 Curtiss-Wright EMD

2017 Philips Healthcare