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The Co-op Program for Engineering Majors at Johnstown:

• Students in the Civil Engineering (CE), Mechanical Engineering (ME) and Electrical Engineering (EE) programs are eligible to participate in the cooperative education program through the Swanson School of Engineering. Students must have a 2.0 GPA and need an approved co-op schedule from their advisor. Most students can start a co-op as early as the summer before their junior year. Students complete three alternating rotations and can gain 3 credits. At the end of all three rotations students are required to write a technical paper and present via their co-op advisors at UPJ.
• In addition to the career services at UPJ, we can also offer resume and interviewing assistance during your co-op search. Students are also welcome to attend both co-op fairs during the fall and spring semester at the Pittsburgh campus to have the opportunity to meet with employers and also set up interviews that same afternoon.
• A staff member of the co-op program visits the Johnstown campus annually to present information and meet with students but we are always available via email and/or phone.

Advisor Information:

The following co-op faculty advisors at UPJ can assist students with approving co-op schedules:
CE: Dr. Maher Murad  
ME: Amy Miller, MS

What UPJ Engineering students are saying about their co-ops:

“Co-op proved to me that I would be able to handle and succeed in a professional career such as this one. It has only strengthened my drive to complete school so that I can begin a real professional career.”
- Brian Luciew, EE, Emerson Process Management

“During my second rotation l was given more freedom on my projects and was able to solve problems on my own rather than being constantly supervised. I was also given more difficult assignment that challenged me in a good way.”
-Johnathan Palmer, ME, Siemens Power Generation

“One thing that this co-op has helped me with is time management and being able to get things done on time. Timelines had to be followed while I was working on approximately 7-13 different things at any given time. It was a great learning experience.” - Andrew Seitz, ME, Schroeder Industries, LLC

“Co-op has helped me learn how to better interact with others and has boosted my confidence to make decisions, etc. “ - Jeffrey Thomas, ME, Harley Davidson Motor Co.