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MS And ENGR Science

The Co-op Program for Materials Science Engineering & Engineering Science:

• Both materials science and engineering science students can start a co-op either the spring term their sophomore year or the summer prior to starting their junior year. Both of these majors follow the guidelines of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science in which students complete three alternating rotations and can gain three credits towards a technical elective, provided that a technical paper is submitted to the department at the end of completing all three rotations. 
• Students with material science engineering knowledge can gain co-op experience in industries including but not limited to manufacturing, materials, polymer processing, aerospace and defense, telecommunications, transportation, and microelectronics. Engineering science combines these opportunities in addition to industries who hire electrical engineers. 

Department Information:

The materials science engineering co-op faculty advisor is Dr. William Slaughter. He can advise and approve co-op schedules for undergraduates in the MEMS department.  Dr. Ian Nettleship or Dr. John Barnard advise the engineering science students pertaining to co-op.

What materials science and engineering physics students are saying about their co-ops:

“I am very satisfied with the experience that I have had at GE Aviation. Although this is my second rotation at GE, I do not want it to be my last. In addition to understanding technical information I also learned to conduct myself in a professional engineering environment while conforming to the company’s integrity ideals. I feel that there are so many unexplored opportunities at GE that I would still like to take advantage of and I can honestly say that I am disappointed to leave the company at the end of the spring semester. However, I do feel that I gained a strong understanding of technical application within the engineering industry that will be beneficial for when I begin taking my upper level engineering courses at Pitt.”
-Katie Beckwith, GE Aviation

“I really enjoy working at NASA. Everyone is always enthusiastic about helping and teaching. NASA Goddard offers tuition assistance and really looks out for their employees. Also, the conversion rate from co-op to employee is very high, which is nice to know.” - Gina DiBraccio, NASA

“Like my first rotation, this rotation provided me a great experience working in my chosen field, learning how professional research is conducted.” - Nicole Ostrowski, Vesuvius