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Electrical Engineering

The Co-op Program for Electrical Engineers:

• Electrical engineers can start a co-op as early as their second semester (spring term) of sophomore year.
• Students with electrical engineering knowledge can gain professional experience in many industries, including but not limited to: manufacturing, governmental, power and telecommunications

Department Information:
Please contact eeugrad@pitt.edu with any questions about the program or for assistance with your co-op schedule. 

What electrical engineering students are saying about their co-ops:

“I have been given a great opportunity with an amazing company. People have been friendly but also honest in their feedback and I have been given great advice that has allowed me to become stronger intellectually and educationally.”

-Amber Wright, EATON

“…I was given a project that has allowed me to retain a great deal of information from senior engineers (in the field of electric power).”

- William Thompson, First Energy Corp.

“…Also, as expected, I have focused on electrical studies but have also had the opportunity to learn other aspects of engineering including mechanical and industrial engineering…they provide me with ample opportunities to learn everyday.”.

- Ryan Cope, Allegheny Ludlum

“Since this was my second rotation I could see how an engineer gains more responsibilities as the engineer works for a longer period of time. This was a valuable experience that could not be substituted with classroom work.”

- Chad Hirsh, Allegheny Energy

“It made me realize what I want to do and more certainly what I don’t want to do. This experience also made me more confident and better at managing personal finance as well as setting goals and making decisions.”

- Andy Gu, FedEx Ground

“My workload has increased with every rotation and I have become a much more important asset to my projects. “

- Cody Hiles, Ansaldo STS