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Computer Science

The Co-op Program for Computer Science Students:

• Computer science students can start a co-op after their sophomore year of studies. Students complete two work rotations (each a semester long) and can gain two credits towards a CAS elective. Prior to completing the co-op, students must write a short paper describing the experience in which the CS department advisor will grade. Computer science students can start a co-op at the beginning of a fall, spring or summer semester.
• Students can consider a dual rotation of 8 months together or the traditional schedule of two alternating rotations in which a student will interchange between work and school. A co-op schedule can be approved prior to considering what schedules are preferred by different employers.
• Rotations are typically with the same employer which allows job duties to increase as the knowledge and skills of the student progress
• Students with computer science knowledge can gain co-op experience in many areas, including but not limited to: web development, software development, testing, consulting and telecommunications

Department Information:

The faculty contact/co-op advisor in the Department of Computer Science who can approve a schedule for students is Dr. John Ramirez. If you are interested in the co-op program, your first point of contact should be with the co-op office in 152D Benedum Hall. However, Dr. Ramirez can assist you on the academic side of scheduling classes pending your desired co-op schedule.
Some of our valued corporate partners that hire Pitt computer science co-op students:

What computer science students are saying about their co-ops:

“My assignments have been very challenging, but not so much that I find them close to impossible. They just take a lot of creative thinking, I like that about them.”

- Chad Chrenshaw, Vocollect

“It has helped me realize that my classes are a basis on which to build. I realize this creativity is essential to succeeding at a career.”

- Adam Hobaugh, ANSYS

“The co-op helped hone my skills in the work environment and taught me what it was like to work a full time job at an engineering company.”

-Zachary Reinhardt, Advanced Integration Group

“This assignment has exposed me to the tasks and skills expected of me in a professional environment and have strengthened my desire to pursue a career in the field of Computer Science.”

-Joseph Staresinic, Valspar Corporation