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The Co-op Program for Bioengineers:

• Bioengineers can start a co-op as early as the summer semester after their sophomore year. Students complete three rotations and can gain three credits towards an engineering or science elective. A presentation is also given at the department seminar following the completion of co-op. Students can consider a dual rotation of eight months together and a following four month rotation, or three alternating rotations between school and work. A co-op schedule can be approved prior to considering what co-op opportunities are available with employers.
• Co-op was established with the bioengineering program in January of 2005. 
• Students with bioengineering knowledge can gain co-op experience in research and development, testing and other areas in industries including but not limited to manufacturing and pharmaceutical.
• Bioengineers who want to go right into industry after graduation should consider a co-op to gain work related experience.

Department Information:

The co-op faculty advisor is Dr. Arash Mahboobin. He advises and approves co-op schedules for undergraduates in the bioengineering department.

Some of our valued corporate partners that hire Pitt bioengineering co-op students:






 What bioengineering students are saying about their co-ops:

“After working at McNeil, I have decided I would like to enter industry as soon as I graduate. As a professional, co-op gave me a lot of experience working with other people and a lot of insight into what processes go into making a product (i.e. – Quality checks, safety in the workcenters, etc.)”
- Jessica Huynh, McNeil Consumer Healthcare

“I am actually developing a product that we could potentially market. It made me feel important in the company.”

- Nick Apollo, Cook Myosite

“I will be switching different departments for my second and third rotation. This allows me more experience in different areas of mechanical engineering. My supervisor was telling me that MEDRAD has co-op presentations at the end of the semester. Some of the top executives are at these presentations. I think this is a great idea and hope that MEDRAD plans to do this for my next rotation. ”
- Tyler Madonna, MEDRAD,(Life Cycle Engineering)