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“Participating in Pitt's co-op program prepared me with the tools I needed to easily transition from the academic to professional environment upon graduation. The experience I gained during my co-op rotations provided me with an advantage over graduating candidates without my real-life experience. Now, as a hiring manager I seek out engineering candidates that have had co-op or internship experience prior to graduation, knowing that it is typically these individuals that are ambitious and prepared for the transition into the professional environment.”

~ Jennifer Mann, engineering manager
Groundwater & Environmental Services, Inc. (GES)


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Once you've entered the "real world," you may find that your new employer is missing something...a Co-op Program! If you would like to initiate a relationship with Pitt's Co-op Program, we'd be happy to hear from you!
We’ll offer guidance and support while hand selecting students who meet your employer’s hiring criteria.
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