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Dean Sanjeev Shroff
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Interim Dean of Engineering

For 175 years, engineering at Pitt has helped to transform our world, as well as the lives of generations of students, alumni, and faculty. Our commitment to innovation is as strong as ever as we contribute to the advancement of engineering education and research.

https://www.engineering.pitt.edu/people/faculty/sanjeev-shroff/ sshroff@pitt.edu

Graduate Studies Team

Associate Dean Robert Parker
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Associate Dean for Graduate Education, Swanson School of Engineering; Professor, Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering


Stephanie Opalinski
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Director of Graduate Recruitment and Enrollment Marketing

What I love most about my role is that I get to see a student’s role through the decision process of which school to apply to, which to enroll in, and ultimately the celebration of their educational pursuits upon graduation. I like to say that as a member of the staff of SSOE, I am an ally to our graduate student community. If you ever need a helping hand or a familiar face, my door (virtually too) is always open.


Cheryl Paul
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Director of Engineering Student Services

As the Ombudsperson within the Swanson School of Engineering, please look to me as a thought partner should challenges arise. My role is as a designated neutral, so please feel free to contact me to confidentially evaluate your situation, share your concerns, and plan your next step. Or, should you need assistance with information on campus and community support systems please never hesitate to ask! My goal is to join with our students in tackling their challenges so that they do not feel alone in the process. I’m here to help you thrive in your life at University of Pittsburgh!

O: 412-624-4042 C: 412-627-5609

Tracy Anderson

Tracy Anderson - Graduate Education Program Administrator


Bioengineering Graduate Team

Neeraj Gandhi
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Bioengineering Graduate Director, Professor

As graduate program director, I strive to make the administrative component of our graduate students seamless so they can focus their efforts on research and academics. I take pride in creating a pleasant experience for the graduate students in our program. My own research focuses on neural engineering topics like motor control and neural signal processing. Check out my “CSI Lab” website and contact me if you want to join.


Aaron Gibson
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Bioengineering MS-MPE Program Administrator

My goal each day is to help students achieve their goals! It is that simple. Working to make the processes and procedures easier to navigate so you can concentrate on your studies, that's why I'm here for you.

Aaron Gibson

Staff Profile


James Robnett
James Robnett - BioE Graduate Program Administrator (PhD & Research MS)

Chemical & Petroleum Engineering Grad Team

Susan Fullerton
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Associate Professor and Bicentennial Board of Visitors Faculty Fellow; Vice Chair for Graduate Education, Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering

I am delighted to lead our vibrant graduate program in the Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering. It is exciting to work with the ChE and PetE faculty to shepherd our talented incoming graduate students through to their degrees, and with the ChE Graduate Student Association (GSA) and Graduate Women in Engineering Network (GWEN) to strengthen the connection between the students and the faculty. My own research is in the area of next-generation electronics, with focus on using ions to control charge transport in two-dimensional (2D) materials.


James McKone
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Chemical Engineering Department - PhD recruitment and First Year PhD Mentor


Rita Ann Leccia
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Chemical Engineering Graduate Program - Administrative Assistant

I love working with students from the time they fill out an application for graduate study in our department until they graduate and start the next exciting chapter of their lives. Should you have any questions/concerns about your application, offer of admission, enrollment, degree/graduation requirements, please contact me! The best is yet to come.


Civil & Environmental Engineering Grad Team

Andrew P. Bunger
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Civil and Environmental Engineering - PhD and MS Graduate Coordinator

I oversee the graduate programs offered by the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE). If you have any questions related to CEE PhD or MS programs’ curriculum, coursework, deadlines, advising, and other related questions, please feel free to contact me.


Andrew Bunger
Associate Professor 
Cheryl Morand
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Civil and Environmental Engineering Graduate Administrator

If you have questions about the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department’s graduate recruitment, admission, curriculum and coursework, outstanding requirements, important deadlines, or other department related concerns, contact me!


Electrical & Computer Engineering

Hong Koo Kim
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Electrical and Computer Engineering Graduate Coordinator


Tara Rankin

Tara Rankin - ECE Graduate Administrator



Industrial Engineering Grad Team

Jayant Rajgopal
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Michael Sibenac
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Industrial Engineering Graduate Program Administrator


Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science Grad Team (includes Nuclear Engineering)

Inanc Senocak
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Mechanical Engineering PhD and MS Coordinator


Jung-Kun Lee
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Thomas Congedo
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Nuclear Engineering Graduate Coordinator


Rick Mishler

Rick Mishler - MEMS Graduate Administrator



Sustainable Engineering Grad Team

Dr. David Sanchez
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Sustainable Engineering Graduate Coordinator

As the graduate coordinator and faculty lead in our sustainable engineering program, I have a passion for addressing Sustainability Grand Challenges. I want my students to get the most out of their education and find the research focus they’re passionate about. My research focuses on sustainable design, data driven models and analytical chemistry for sustainable water applications. I’m always willing to have a one-on-one meeting with students to discuss research and course options. Maybe I’ll see you in Current Issues in Sustainability (ENG 2905)!


Office of Diversity Grad Team

Dr. Sylvanus Wosu
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Associate Dean for Diversity Affairs and Associate Professor

www.engineering.pitt.edu/Sylvanus Wosu/

Sussan Olaore

Sussan Olaore - Pitt STRIVE Program Coordinator