headshot of Pratap Khanwilkar

Pratap Khanwilkar

Adjunct Professor
Bioengineering Department


I have advocated and supported the development of pediatric devices for my chosen field, cardiovascular device development, by being the industry lead (and co-PI) for the PediaFlow VAD development consortium that was NIH funded in 2 Phases from 2004 through 2013 and resulted in a de novo implantable Pediatric VAD design from conception to successful pre-clinical animal trials and HUD designation, and preparation for an HDE submission. In this role, I developed the justification and obtained support from my Board of Directors to support the PediaFlow VAD project as its co-Principal Investigator and for my organizations, MedQuest Products Inc., and WorldHeart Corp. to be the industrial partners for the consortium. While there is no doubt that the adult markets for such devices is much larger and it is harder to obtain industrial commitment to support the development of pediatric devices, if the case can be made with this consortium to reduce the costs of such development, then it could lead to better and more pediatric devices being developed. This is of interest since I believe that pediatric devices will not only meet the needs for pediatrics, but the learning and knowledge developed can be then leveraged to make better devices for the adult population as well. In addition, in my role as Coulter Program Director, we have assembled a set of Selection Committee members and Advisors that encompass domain expertise in legal, regulatory, reimbursement, business etc., and have implemented the Coulter process, several elements of which may be applied by the kind of service organization contemplated by this P50 consortium


(2011) Invited participant and panelist (2010) on 'Advantages and Core Competencies for Utah', MD4 Summit.

(2011) Coulter Program at University of Pittsburgh and appointment as its Director at the University of Pittsburgh.

(2011) Invited participant and panelist on 'Medical Device Business Development: Large Company Acquisitions and Partners', Utah Medical Device and BioScience Symposium.

(2011) Invited session reporter and participant.

(2010) HealthCare Hero: Levacor VAD in Innovation category, Utah Business magazine, 10(8): 43.

(2010) Utah's Bionic Valley Produces Another Life-Changing Medical Device, Spotlight on WorldHeart and the Levacor VAD, Economic Development Corporation of Utah.

(2008) Spotlight, Utah CEO Magazine, pp. 24-25.

(2008) Invited International Faculty, 54th Annual Conference of the Indian Association of Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgeons.

(2008) Pathfinder 2008 Annual Award for an individual for innovation.

(2008) Invited Speaker, 'From Idea To Innovation', Technology Titans Spring Educational Forum, Technology Venture Development, University of Utah.

(2007) Invited Speaker, 25th Anniversary of Barney Clark International Symposium, Salt Lake City, Utah.

(2007) Featured in Business Week Online in Product Innovation, 'A smaller, sleeker heart pump'.

(2007) Featured on Frontier Airlines Business Class in-flight video segment on Innovation, WorldHeart sponsored by Holland & Hart, Frontier Airlines.

(2007 - 2009) Invited demonstration for WorldHeart. Edison Innovation Conference, Salt Lake City, Utah.

(2007) Invited spotlight on WorldHeart to represent Utah's medical device industry, 1st Utah Technology Council Life Science Newsletter.

(2007) Invited CEO Panelist on 'Medical Device Industry Panel: What Keeps You Awake At Night?' Utah Life Sciences Symposium, Lehi, Utah.

(2006 - 2008) Featured in print advertisements on Innovation sponsored by Holland & Hart in several key business publications across western US.

(2006) International Council of Medical Technologies (ICMT) Award presented to WorldHeart for 'Most Significant Contributions to Advancement of Rotary Blood Pumps'.

(2006) Fellow, American Institute for Medical & Biological Engineering (AIMBE).

(2006) Worldwide newspaper coverage (Russia, England, Korea, India etc.) besides all major US newspapers for first-ever Levacor VAD implant in Greece.

(2006) '50 Companies to Watch', WorldHeart recognition by Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry (MD&DI) magazine, published by Canon Communications.

(2006) Utah Innovation Award winner in Medical Devices for Levacor LVAD, 2006, Finalist (2003-2004).

(2004) vSpring 100: Inaugural Top 100 Entrepreneurs in Utah, vSpring Capital.

(2002 - 2009) Invited panelist on 'Utah-based Technology Start-Ups' for Utah Business Roundtable and Technology Industry Outlook, Utah Business magazine.

(2002) Invited Panelist, Inventions to Commercialization Conference, Salt Lake City, Utah.

(2000 - 2002) Utah 100 Fastest Growing Companies Award for MedQuest Products Inc., Mountain West Venture Group, 2000, 2001 & 2002.

(1999) Blue Chip Enterprise Award to MedQuest Products, U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

(1995 - 2010) Sezai Innovation Award, International Society Rotary Blood Pumps Annual Congress, 1995 (Houston), 1999 (Tokyo) and 2010 (Berlin). Only 3-time recipient of this annual award..

(1992) Phi Kappa Phi, Beta Gamma Sigma, and Dean's Scholar, David Eccles School of Business, University of Utah.

(1992) George Hays Brown National Marketing Scholar Award, American Marketing Association.

(1986) Curtis Johnson Memorial Award: Outstanding Bioengineering Graduate Student, Department of Bioengineering, University of Utah.

Ph.D., Bioengineering, University of Utah, 2005

M.B.A, Business Administration, University of Utah, 1992

M.S., Bioengineering, University of Utah, 1987

B. Tech., Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, 1984

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