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Pitt2Pitt – Continue to Hail to Pitt & Advance your career through an MS in Engineering

Pitt2Pitt (P2P) is a new scholarship program exclusively for April 2020 and August 2020 Pitt graduates. Through the Pitt2Pitt program, Pitt is offering streamlined Fall 2020 admissions and $2,500 (in-state) or $5,000 (out-of-state) scholarships for nearly 40 graduate and professional programs in a broad set of areas and on a first-come-first-served basis for qualifying students. More specifically, the Swanson School of Engineering has 11 participating MS Engineering Programs. We have extended our deadline to apply to August 1, 2020, meaning you can still apply to begin your graduate coursework this fall.

Qualifications to receive P2P Scholarship:

  • Earned your undergraduate degree from Pitt (Graduates from Regional Campuses ARE eligible)
  • Graduated from your undergraduate degree in April or August 2020
  • Have a 3.5 GPA to qualify for MS programs in Engineering and meet undergraduate major/prerequisite requirements.
  • You do NOT need to have a BS in Engineering to be eligible to apply for an MS in Engineering. Learn more here.

Apply to Pitt2Pitt HERE – you MUST complete 2 forms: 1 is the application for Swanson’s MS programs. Once you submit your application, the P2P scholarship form will appear. If you do not complete the scholarship form, you will not be eligible for P2P scholarship funds.
In addition, the Swanson School of Engineering will be supplementing Pitt2Pitt students’ aid with additional scholarship funds, allowing a student to complete their MS program at the prevailing undergraduate tuition rate (3 terms of aid maximum).

The Swanson Supplementary Funding has slightly more flexible application requirements so if you are a student with a cumulative GPA close to a 3.5 but not quite a 3.5 OR a student whose academic trajectory overtime has been on the climb, you can still qualify for funding through Swanson; however, you are ineligible for the Pitt2Pitt scholarship. Applicants for this Swanson’s Supplementary Scholarship can apply using this link. After completing the application, the link to the Pitt2Pitt application form will appear-- those applying only for the Swanson Supplemental Scholarship should not fill out that Pitt2Pitt form.
Students who receive this Provost and Swanson Scholarship must be full-time students during their MS program and apply to begin in Fall 2020.
Please direct questions to Stephanie Opalinski via sto24@pitt.edu.


  • Professional MS in Chemical Engineering (+Bridging Program)
  • Professional MS in Industrial Engineering
  • Professional MS in Sustainable Engineering
  • Professional MS in Civil and Environmental Engineering - Construction Management Focus
  • Professional MS in Civil and Environmental Engineering - Environmental Engineering Focus
  • Professional MS in Civil and Environmental Engineering - Sustainable Engineering Focus
  • Professional MS in Bioengineering - Medical Product Engineering Focus
  • Professional MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Professional MS in Mechanical Engineering
  • Professional MS in Materials Science
  • Professional MS in Nuclear Engineering

For more information on Swanson’s participating programs please see here. For information about additional Pitt2Pitt programs see here.


Frequently Asked Questions

At this time, the Pitt2Pitt scholarship is only open to those applicants with a 3.5 or higher. However, if you are a student with a GPA close to the 3.5 requirement, you may still qualify for the Swanson Supplementary Funds discussed above.

The GRE may be a strong supporting document as part of your application review if you’ve taken it and scored well; however, the P2P application process through SSoE does not require the GRE for our Professional MS programs.

Yes – as of just recently Pitt has expanded the program from only April 2020 graduates to August 2020 graduates as well. If you’ve graduated in another term, there is not flexibility at this time but we will share updates as the program progresses. For more information follow our social media pages to keep up to date where we will share real time updates:

Pitt2Pitt is for our recent undergraduate graduates. At this time, recent master’s graduates interested in an additional master’s program are ineligible to apply for P2P but welcome to apply via our traditional application routes. Select departments and programs do offer additional funding to applicants. You can find our traditional graduate application here.

At this time, the joint MBA-MSE program is not participating in P2P.

Students pursuing a professional MS degree through the Swanson School of Engineering who qualify for P2P and the Swanson Supplementary scholarship can expect to pay the undergraduate tuition rate for your MS program (3 terms of aid maximum). Students who receive this Provost and Swanson Scholarship must be full-time students during their MS program and apply to begin in Fall 2020.

Students who receive the Provost’s Pitt2Pitt and Swanson Supplemental Scholarship must be full-time students during the MS program and the scholarship will not exceed 3 academic terms. Should a scholarship awardee take longer than 3 terms or want to complete additional coursework or research, they will be given the graduate tuition rate.

The expedited application requires:

  • Demographic Information
  • Academic Transcript
  • Personal Statement
  • Resume/CV
  • GRE is not required
  • Deadline to apply extended to August 1, 2020SEATS and SCHOLARSHIPS ARE LIMITED

We are reviewing and processing applications as they are submitted. You should expect to receive an ‘unofficial’ decision letter from your Department of interest following your application. As we are working to finalize the logistics of scholarship funds, you will receive an official decision letter with funding information later in the Summer.