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The University of Pittsburgh provides $726.5 million in annual research expenditures to students for funding and research. Pitt is here to provide you with an exceptional educational experience as well as the financial support to make it happen. Students must contact their desired program’s department directly with questions or concerns regarding financial aid.


PittFund$Me is a financial aid tool that can connect you, a Pitt student, to relevant scholarships. As a current Pitt student, you can log into PittFund$Me – hosted on the Scholarship Universe system – and answer a series of profile questions. The adaptive matching engine will display scholarship opportunities that are tailored to you. And don’t worry – you’ll only see institutional scholarships and vetted outside scholarships so you can be confident as you submit your scholarship applications. You’ll be able to manage all of your applications right in a personalized dashboard – and we’ll even post alerts for new scholarships that might be interesting to you. You must own the scholarship search process – and we know it’s important to you. That’s why we want to help make it as easy as possible for you to feel totally in control.

As this program is generally focused on undergraduates, graduate students should follow this link and learn more to see how this program can apply to them.

The Office of Diversity Opportunities

The Office of Diversity offers numerous scholarships, fellowships, and immersive experiences to eligible students. Please see the list of graduate scholarships below to learn more about the programs and see how it can apply to your financial aid plan.

  • The GEES Scholarship: this program provides access to MS degrees through scholarships and bridge programs. Several three-semester thesis or project-based                 Master of Science degree programs are offered throughout any of the engineering degree programs. The GEES program will provide partial scholarships for eligible MS students to support their financial needs. Learn more about the program and access the program’s application here.
  •  PITT STRIVE: these programs provide eligible students with opportunities to access campus facilities, experience graduate research, and connect and begin to build relationships with faculty members. These exposures will allow you to narrow your research interests and determine how graduate school can be there for you. Follow the links below for more information and to see if you are an eligible student.

     Pre-PHD program application

     Graduate Weekend


Pitt2Pitt is a scholarship program that can help graduating University of Pittsburgh seniors complete a Pitt master's degree or certificate program. This program is offering streamlined admissions with funds distributed over the fall and spring semester. Scholarship amounts vary depending on full vs. part-time students. Please follow this link to see if your MS program aligns with P2P and if you meet the qualifications for this scholarship opportunity.

The Office of Admissions and Financial Aid

The Office of Admissions and Financial Aid is offering financial aid information sessions to assist you in completing your FAFSA form and learning about how financial aid works on the graduate level. Please click here to learn more about the session and information from the Office of the Provost.

Admission to the graduate program does not imply the granting of financial aid. This is done separately, and an applicant interested in applying for financial aid should indicate so when completing the on-line application under Application Information. The following types of aid may be available:

1. Fellowships are awarded to students of outstanding ability. The financial aid is usually an unrestricted grant. 
2. Traineeships are awarded to students for training in selected areas. There may be restrictions on the courses that may be taken. 
3. Teaching assistantships and teaching fellowships are awarded to exceptionally well-prepared students in return for assistance in laboratories, recitation sections, and other teaching duties. Partial or full tuition scholarships are also provided. 
4. Research assistantships are awarded to students for assistance on research programs. 
5. Partial or full tuition scholarships are also provided.

When the department makes an award of financial aid, the terms and conditions are specified. Applications for financial aid should be received as early as possible.

For information on student loans, contact:

Financial Wellness Center

139 University Place, Thackeray Hall

Pittsburgh, PA 15260

412-624-7488 (Option 2)