Pittsburgh Intelligent Transportation Systems Laboratory (PITTS)

Laboratory is envisioned as a state-of-the-art research and instructional facility which mimics a real-world Traffic Operations Center with corresponding infrastructure and institutional connections to multiple state and local transportation agencies. The lab is housed on the third floor of Swanson building and currently employs several researchers (from postdoctoral research associates to undergraduate research assistants) who work in general area of urban traffic operations and management, traffic signal systems, public transportation systems, etc. All of our staff regularly works both with real-world traffic platforms and high-fidelity microsimulation simulation models thus bridging the gap between reality/field operations and experiments in scientific/controlled environment. Our simulation models are regularly interfaced with various field signal control firmware (Econolite ASC/3, Siemens NextPhase, etc.) including a variety of adaptive software which are important for the execution of the field-like experiments.


Exterior of Benedum Hall