The Engineering Office of Diversity envisions a diverse workforce that provides quality engineering education for all students; a diverse student body that is reflective of the nation’s mixture of differences and similarities; an inclusive environment in which those difference and similarities are appreciated, valued and respected; and equitable academic supports that improve the quality and ultimate graduation of women and students traditionally underrepresented in engineering.


The mission of the Engineering Office of Diversity is to support the School of Engineering efforts in building a diverse workforce, student body and equitable academic supports to meet the academic needs and graduation requirements of all students that contribute to the school diversity, and fostering an inclusive environment in which faculty, staff and the student body are valued for their unique cultures, experiences, and perspectives.

Diversity Values

  • Differences in perspectives build strength- We firmly believe that our diversity is our greatest asset.
  • Inclusiveness of all-We strive to create an academic climate which benefits all individuals within our community, regardless of race, religion, gender, national origin, physical ability, sexual orientation, age, geographic origin, socio-economic level, culture, language, or ethnic background.
  • Valuing our differences-We are committed to fostering an environment in which faculty, staff, and students are valued for their unique cultures, experiences, and perspectives.
  • Equality in opportunities-We are committed to developing equitable academic supports designed to utilize the strengths of the School to meet the different academic needs of its student body without discrimination.
  • Respect of others- We recognize the dignity of each member of our community, regardless of differences.
  • Sensitivity to others-We acknowledge that our actions can be interpreted differently by members of different cultures. We strive actively to understand and show consideration for others’ viewpoints.
  • Innovation in global education-We strive to prepare the next generation of engineers for the global marketplace by empowering them with the tools to work and communicate across cultures.
  • Tolerance of differences- We celebrate the diversity of customs, traditions, beliefs and values in our community.
  • You can make a difference-We support institutionalized diversity efforts that engage the entire School of Engineering community—faculty, students, staff, and administrators--in effecting comprehensive cultural change.