Software for Swanson Students

The Swanson School offers a variety of software packages exclusively for student use on their personal computing devices. Students can additional access a wider range of software through the Pitt IT Virtual Computing Lab. Below we provide a list of packages and links to student program pages for each manufacturer. For more information contact the SSoE Technology Group Licensing Manager Jeremy Dennis or call 412-624-2299.


Software used in SSoE

ANSYS Multiphysics Campus Solution (free)

Autodesk Education Community (free)

Creo Elements Pro (free)

MathCAD / MathCAD Prime (free)

Matlab (free download, $5 for a install disc)

National Instruments LabView (free for 6 months)


Software from Pitt for Swanson Students

The University of Pittsburgh offers a wide array of software to students. Visit CSSD Student Software pages to learn more and acquire.