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Plenary 2013

2013 Plenary Speakers

Monday,September 16, 2013

Yuzhuo Zhang

President and CEO of Shenhua Group, Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering

“Vertical Integration - The Future of Coal Industry”

Richard A. (Dick) Winschel

Director, Research Services, CONSOL Energy Inc., Research & Development

CONSOL Energy and the States of the U.S. Coal Mining and Coal-Fired Electric Generation Industries

Tuesday, September17, 2013

Guangxi Yue

Tsinghua University, Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering

Circulating Fluidized Bed Combustion and Coal Slurry Gasification

Güven Onal

President of Turkish Mining Development Foundation, Istanbul Technical University

Coal and Coal-Based Energy in Turkey

Wednesday, September18, 2013

Kechang Xie

Vice President of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering

“The Strategic Thinking of Sustainable Development of Coal Industry and High Efficiency and Clean Conversion of Coal in China”

Thomas A. Sarkus

Division Director,Office of Major Demonstrations, Strategic Center for Coal, NETL, US-DOE

Lessons Learned from U.S. Government Support of Clean Coal Technologies