Topic Coordinators: Dr. Johan van Dyk, Mr. Gary Stiegel, Dr. Alberto Pettinau, Dr. Rolf Maurer, Dr. Andreas Richter

• Industrial Applications, Economics and Environmental Issues

• Underground Coal Gasification (UCG)

• Syngas to Power (Gas Turbines, Fuel Cells) 

• Gasification Science and Modeling

• Novel Gasification Technologies and Concepts

• Co-Gasification of Coal and other Carbon-Based Fuels

• Systems Analysis

• Low Rank Coal Utilization

• Polygeneration 

Topic Coordinators: Mr. Daniel Connell, Mr. Thomas Sarkus

• Existing and planned clean coal major demonstrations (process and technology demonstrations, i.e. IGCC, SCPC, USC, SNG, CTL, Oxy-combustion, etc.)

• Existing and planned clean coal commercial projects (fully integrated systems) and trends

• Industrial scale and utility scale carbon capture and carbon storage projects (i.e. >250,000 tons/year of CO₂)

• Lessons learned from technology demonstrations and first commercial deployments

• Intermediate scale demonstrations (i.e., 25-50 MWe)

• Commercially available technology reviews/updates (Vendor reports on advanced technology commercial offerings)

• Financing, business and risk management strategies for major demonstration and commercial projects, including first-of-a-kind projects with or without carbon capture and storage

• Regulatory impacts on major demonstration and commercial projects
• Insurance strategies for CO₂ capture and geologic storage

Topic Coordinators: Dr. Evan Granite, Prof. Steve Jeon

• Industrial Applications and Environmental Issues

• Flue Gas Clean Up and Ash Chemistry

• Combustion Technology Advancements  (Pulverized Coal, Fluidized Beds, Co-Firing, etc.)

• Novel Combustion and Cycle Technologies (Oxyfuel, Chemical looping, CO₂ Cycles, etc.)

• Modeling and Economic Evaluation

• Basic Studies, Materials, and Instrumentation

Topic Coordinators: Mr. John Duddy, Prof. Atsushi Ishihara, Dr. Andreas Richter

• Coal-To-Liquids Fuels, CTL (Direct Liquefaction, Fischer-Tropsch, MTG, DME, etc.)

• Gas-To-Liquid, GTL

• Synthesis Gas Cleanup 

• Substitute Natural Gas (SNG)

• Hydrogen Production

• Syngas to Chemicals/Materials

Topic Coordinators: Dr. Nicholas Siefert, Prof. Bingyun Li, Prof. Husain Ashkanani, Dr. Alberto Pettinau, Prof. Zhiyuan Yang

• Pre-Combustion Capture

• Post-Combustion Capture

• CO₂ Sequestration (Monitoring, Mitigation and Verification; Storage: Depleted Oil/Gas Reservoirs, Aquifers, Basalt, Coal Bed Methane, etc.)

• Transportation Infrastructure Issues

• Legal and Regulatory Issues

• Carbon Dioxide to Chemicals/Fuels

Topic Coordinators: Mr. John Duddy, Dr. Evan Granite, Mr. Daniel Connell 

• Nano-carbons

• Fibers

• Composites

• 3D Printing

• Additive Manufacturing

• Electrodes

• Capacitors

• Construction Materials

• Concretes

• Thermal Insulators

• Activated Carbons

• Tars, Cokes and Pitches

• Chemicals

• Covetics and other carbon alloys


Topic Coordinators: Dr. Massood Ramezan, Prof. Richard Bajura

• Chemical (Hydrogen, Ammonia, Methanol)  

• Thermal (Thermochemical, Sensible, Latent)

• Mechanical (Compressed Air, Pumped Hydro)

• Electrochemical (Batteries:  Flow, Li-ion, Lead Acid)

• Other (Geothermal)

Topic Coordinators: Dr. Nicholas Siefert, Dr. Massood Ramezan, Prof. Husain Ashkanani, Mr. Richard Winschel

• Production
• Transportation
• Storage
• Utilization

Topic Coordinator: Dr. Leslie Ruppert, Mr. Richard Winschel, Prof. Richard Bajura

• Geology
• Exploration
• Resources and reserves
• Drilling and production
• Completion methods
• Gas quality and processing
• Environmental impacts
• Abating methane emissions from gas and coal production
• Economics and future outlook

Topic Coordinators: Prof. Ting Wang, Mr. Thomas Sarkus

• Thermodynamic and economic analysis
• Boiler technology and design
• Steam turbine technology (reheat, regeneration, steam seals, blade aerodynamics)
• Gas turbines technology (syngas or hydrogen rich combustion, compressor aerodynamics, turbine blade heat transfer, materials)
• Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG)
• Condenser design and operation
• Cooling tower design and improvements
• Water treatments
• Post combustion gas cleaning
• IGCC integration and components (ASU, gasifiers, syngas cooling, gas clean up, water gas shift, and desulfurization)
• Oxy fuel combustion plants
• Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC)
• Combined Heating and Power (CHP)
• Energy storage (CAES, ice)
• Power plants operation and maintenance experiences
• Any other or innovative new cycles

Topic Coordinators: Dr. Evan Granite, Prof. Richard Bajura, Dr. Allan Kolker

• Rare earth elements in coal and petroleum fuels

• Rare earth element chemistry in power systems

• Mining waste

• Fly ash and slag

• Separation methods

• Rare earth geochemistry

• Measurement and characterization: challenges and solutions

• Modeling

• Mining and recovery methods in industry

• Status of supply and trade

• Emerging issues

Topic Coordinators: Dr. Evan Granite, Prof. Tarunjit Butalia, Dr. Allan Kolker

• Ash pond reclamation

• Extension of landfills over ash ponds

• Long-term recovery of materials from ash ponds

• Secondary uses of closed ash ponds

• Coal Combustion Residuals (CCRs) landfill management

• Beneficial uses of CCRs

• Rare earth element extraction from CCRs

• Role of CCRs for CO2 storage

Topic Coordinators: Dr. Evan Granite, Dr. Leslie Ruppert, Prof. Atsushi Ishihara, Mr. Brian Shaffer, Dr. Allan Kolker

• Chemistry

• Geoscience/Coal Resources

• Trace Elements/Emission

• Coal Processing

• Coal Preparation

• Coal Utilization

• Coal Utilization By-Products (Ash, Fertilizers, etc.)

Topic Coordinators: Mr. Richard Winschel, Mr. Daniel Connell, Prof. Gϋven Onal, Prof. Yuemin Zhao

• Coal Seam and Coal Mine Methane/Gas Management in Coal Mines

• Geological Issues Related to Coal Mining/Properties of Coal-Measure Rocks/Ground Behavior

• Coal Mining and Reclamation

• Mine Safety

Topic Coordinators: Dr. Massood Ramezan, Mr. Richard Winschel

  • Energy production and water use conservation and recycle
  • Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) or Energy Production Systems (EPS)
  • Energy production and the environment
  • Energy sustainability - efficiency and conversation to
    reduce GHG
  • GHG, inventory protocol, legal and regulatory