Poster Presenter Instructions

Submit your PowerPoint PDF file by  TBA (Detailed instructions below)

Poster Content

- OBJECTIVE: The first poster unit should be devoted to a concise, straight-forward statement of the objective of the work.

- BODY: Other poster units should demonstrate in some, not great, detail the work that was done and typical results.

- RESULTS AND/OR CONCLUSIONS: One poster unit should present the results and/or conclusions of the work.

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  • All poster presenters will create their poster as PowerPoint slides and save it as a PDF (unsecured).
  • Include technical poster content sections in the PPT slides such as Objective, Body, Conclusions/Results, etc.
  • There is no limit to the number of slides.
  • Name the file with the presenting author name.
  • The Poster Session will be presented in its own unique virtual conference room. Check the conference program for login instructions for your session.
  • During the 20 minute poster presentation, conference staff will display your poster content for 20 minutes (no audio) for conference attendees to view.
  • 10-15 minutes prior to the poster Q & A discussion session, the presenter must sign in to his/her PCC provided Zoom Poster Session.
  • After you login at the time of your poster Q & A discussion, please introduce yourself to the Session Co-Chairs (use the chat if a presentation is in session).
  • During the Poster Session Q & A discussion, Session Co-Chairs will present questions submitted by conference attendees and poster presenters will answer the questions.
  • Please check your audio on the Zoom Test site ( prior to the conference (video not required).