Honorable Mention Technical Poster

"In-Situ Testing and Data Applications for Upstream-Constructed Coal Refuse Impoundments," Abeera Batool, Blaise Genes, GAI Consultants, Inc, USA.

"Rare-Earth Elements (REEs) in U.S. Coal-Based Resources: Sampling, Characterization, and Round-Robin Interlaboratory Study," Bruce C. Folkedahl, Christopher J. Zygarlicke, Carolyn M. Nyberg, Ian K. Feole, Energy & Environmental Research Center University of North Dakota; Steven A. Benson, Microbean Technologies Incorporated; James Hower, University of Kentucky; USA.

Outstanding Technical Poster

"Levelized Cost of CO2 Captured Using Different Physical Solvents in Precombustion Applications," Husain Ashkanani, Rui Wang, University of Pittsburgh; Nicholas Siefert, Isaac Gamwo, Kevin Resnik, U.S. Department of Energy, National Energy Technology Laboratory; Kathryn Smith, Badie Morsi, University of Pittsburgh; USA.

Honorable Mention Technical Paper

"Rare Earth Elements in Acid Mine Drainage Precipitates: Results of A Regional Survey," Paul F. Ziemkiewicz, West Virginia University; Aaron Noble, Virginia Tech; Chris Vass, West Virginia University; USA.

"Pilot Testing of Amine-Based Solvent at Low-Rank Coal-Fired Power System," Jason D. Laumb, Principal Engineer, John P. Kay, David J. Dunham, Bruce C. Folkedahl, University of North Dakota, USA; Keisuke Iwakura, Tatsuya Tsujiuchi, Takashi Kamijo, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, JAPAN; Tim Thomas, Mike Fowler, Osamu Miyamoto, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America Inc., USA.

Outstanding Technical Paper

"Reactive Separation of H2S from Syngas with Coproduction of Hydrogen and Elemental Sulfur Using Thermo-Catalytic Sulfur Capture Process," Kalyani Jangam, Sourabh Nadgouda, Lang Qin, Yu-Yen Chen, L.-S. Fan, The Ohio State University, USA.