Bajaj, Nikhil
Assistant Professor
Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science
Balazs, Anna
Distinguished Professor, John A. Swanson Chair of Engineering
Chem/Petroleum Engineering
Banerjee, Ipsita
Chem/Petroleum Engineering, Bioengineering Department
Baumel, Carla
Associate Professor
Civil & Environmental Engr, Environmental
Beckman, Eric
Distinguished Service Professor
Chem/Petroleum Engineering
Beniash, Elia
Oral and Craniofacial Sciences, Clinical and Translational Science Institute
Bilec, Melissa
Professor, William Kepler Whiteford Professor
Civil & Environmental Engr
Borovetz, Harvey
Distinguished Professor
Bioengineering Department, Engr-Dept Chairperson's Office
Cui, Xinyan
Bioengineering Department, Clinical and Translational Science Institute
Enick, Robert
Professor, Assistant Chair of Research
Chem/Petroleum Engineering
Fullerton Shirey, Susan
Associate Professor, Bicentennial Board of Visitors Faculty Fellow and Vice Chair for Graduate Education
Chem/Petroleum Engineering
Harries, Kent
Professor, Professor, PhD, FASCE, FACI, FIIFC, PEng
Civil & Environmental Engr