The NE program provides coursework for a graduate-level nuclear engineering education with study areas in nuclear operations and safety, nuclear science, and nuclear systems and policy. The focus on nuclear operations and safety not only fulfills a recognized educational need, but is also designed to take advantage of unique industrial resources in the Pittsburgh area. Our nuclear engineering faculty nuclear scientists and engineers with decades of experience in the commercial nuclear power industry and naval nuclear programs. The nuclear science area provides courses necessary to support a graduate-level research program. Finally, the NE program offers courses in nuclear systems and policy, for example, we have a courses on codes and standards for the nuclear industry and on nuclear plant management.


The objectives of the nuclear engineering graduate program are:

  • To develop the basic competencies needed by science and engineering graduates to contribute quickly and effectively to the renaissance of nuclear science and technology in the United States and abroad.
  • To create a benchmark educational program that can serve as a model throughout academia.
  • To provide graduate students research opportunities in support of issues important to the nuclear power industry and related technologies.

Who should apply?

  • Practicing engineers currently in or aspiring to a leadership role in the nuclear industry;
  • Engineering professionals who desire graduate level education in nuclear engineering with a focus on safe nuclear plant operations;
  • New graduates with at least of a bachelor's degree in a technical discipline; and
  • Professionals who manage multidisciplinary teams for project design or management in the nuclear industry.

How to apply

Information on applying can be found on the Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science Graduate Admissions webpage.

Students not enrolled in the program can be given special permission to participate in a class under a Special Student Application. Students must apply and have all materials in for Special Student Applications two weeks prior to the first day of classes.


If you have questions please email the Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science Graduate Administrator, Tara Rankin.