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A Lunch and Learn Series

This informal seminar series provides SSOE faculty with useful information or resources to improve implementation, management, funding or translation of their research programs. Topics will cover a wide variety of areas under this general theme, and suggestions for new topics are more than welcome (and should be sent to the Associate Dean for Research's office at mam266@pitt.edu ).

All lectures will be in Benedum 102 from 12:00 - 1:00 pm. Registration is required for lunch.


Complexity Leadership Theory and Beyond with Dr. Gemma Jiang, Director of Organizational Innovation at SSOE (January 03, 2019)
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
102 Benedum Hall

Dr. Gemma Jiang is the newly appointed Director of Organizational Innovation for the Swanson School of Engineering, with the mission of building community within the School and beyond through innovation. In this presentation, she will talk about the research she has conducted, the projects she is working on, and the conceptual framework she operates from. 


Complexity leadership theory (CLT) is the main theoretical framework that guides Dr. Jiang's work.  This theory, a paradigm shift in the way leadership is conceptualized, tackles the  challenges of the knowledge era we are currently in. CLT  is grounded in the assumption that the interactive dynamics among agents and information are responsible for outcomes. This approach could be explained with an analogy:  the collective of neurons in the brain rather than neurons alone processes human knowledge. In the same way, the collective of people, more than the individuals, acts as the processor of information in an organization. So a successful knowledge-intense organization taps into the collective intelligence of all members. Dr. Jiang is most interested in the mechanisms to achieve that. Social network analysis and action research are her main research methodology.


Please refer to the following paper to learn more about complexity leadership theory; the paper just won the award for the Best Paper in the past decade (2007-2017)  from Academy of Management. Dr. Russ Marion, co-author of the article, is Dr. Jiang’s doctoral advisor. 


Uhl-Bien, M., Marion, R., & McKelvey, B. (2007). Complexity leadership theory: Shifting leadership from the industrial age to the knowledge era. The Leadership Quarterly, 18(4), 298-318.

“Materials Genome Initiative - Development of a Materials Data Infrastructure to Accelerate Materials Design”, Dr. Carelyn E. Campbell (February 07, 2019)
12:00 AM - 1:00 PM
102 Benedum Hall

Dr. Carelyn E. Campbell; Leader, Thermodynamics and Kinetics Group Materials Science and Engineering Division Material Measurement Laboratory, NIST

“Materials Genome Initiative - Development of a Materials Data Infrastructure to Accelerate Materials Design”

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