General Education Requirements

All School of Engineering undergraduates must complete at least six humanities and social science elective courses from the school's approved list of courses.

To meet the School and ABET requirements for breadth it is recommended that these courses include approved courses from at least three different departments from the College of Arts and Sciences. To meet the School and ABET requirements for depth a student must complete at least two courses (only one of which can be an introductory course, indicated with an *) in the same department.

The depth requirement can also be satisfied by taking two or more courses with a related theme (e.g., courses that focus on a geographic region, historic period, or ideological perspective). Additionally, at least one of the six electives selected must have a significant writing component, indicated in the Schedule of Classes with a "Special Indicator" of a "W."

No more than two of the required six elective courses can be satisfied via high school Advanced Placement credits.

View the most current list of approved general education requirements.