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Resorbable bone cements in bone regeneration 

Bone defect repair frequently involves procedures with limited accessibility and visibility. Injectable and moldable materials however, afford the luxury to access and operate within a site with constrained boundaries. In addition to offering minimal invasion, injectability proffers consistency to these materials for application over irregular defect sites, a fact critical for achieving effectiveness in cranio-maxillofacial and periodontal surgeries. Our research focuses on developing various calcium and magnesium phosphate based injectable bone cements and test their in-vitro and in-vivo bone regeneration efficacies. We have engineered a novel injectable, porous, and resorbable calcium phosphate putty using FDA approved materials that are clinically easy to adopt and extremely effective in inducing bone regeneration in ectopic as well as bone sites (U.S. Patent No.: US 8,357,364 B2, Date of Patent: Jan. 22, 2013). This unique formulation contains a powder and a liquid which forms a bio-reactive bioresorbable putty upon mixing. This injectable putty sets and hardens to a solid form in the defect site even in presence of blood and converts into nanostructured hydroxyapatite similar to the mineral component of natural bone. The putty while undergoing resorption also enables bone formation without the use of any growth factors or biological agents.

Porous cement scaffold containing macro and micro-pores.