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We continue to update this page as information becomes available.  Continue to check back often!   


In a world becoming more reliant on connecting, collaborating and performing virtually, VIRTUAL opportunities educate, enable and empower you to develop skills today that will prepare you for employers' needs of tomorrow. And all from the convenience of your home!  VIRTUAL options are available for Panther as well as Partner Short-Term Programs.  Internship and Research VIRTUAL options are also available.  Specific information is linked to each program listing below - check them out!  


VIRTUAL Engineering Panther Programs

Plus 3- Virtually Exploring Global Supply Chains for Summer 2021! (*For first-year students only)

Socially Impactful Engineering Design in a Virtual Space: South Africa (South Africa)-

Virtual Exploration of Sustainable and Clean Engineering solutions in Scandinavia and the US  (Denmark)

VIRTUAL Pitt Recognized Summer Programs

Engineering the German Way In a Virtual Setting

STEM in Cyprus at the University of Nicosia, Cyprus (VIRTUAL offerings for Summer 2021!)

Globex Summer Program: Peking University (China) VIRTUAL for Summer 2021!

Hanyang International Summer School: A Pitt Recognized Program in South Korea (might be virtual for summer 2021)

NTU Summer Programme: A Pitt Recognized Program in Singapore (might be virtual for summer 2021)

 University of Applied Sciences (UAS) Osnabruck- International Study Program: Sustainability and Innovation in Engineering (Virtual summer 2021)- GERMANY

Virtual Engineering for Sustainability- HM Munich (formally known as MUAS)



VIRTUAL Pitt Engineering Research/Internship Programs

SERIUS: Engineering Summer Research at National University of Singapore (VIRTUAL for Summer 2021!)

CEA Virtual Internships  (VIRTUAL offerings for summer 2021) 

Ort Braude Virtual Summer Research (Israel)  (VIRTUAL offerings for summer 2021) 

Chinese University of Hong Kong Summer Research (VIRTUAL for summer 2021) 

CIS Abroad: Engineering - Virtual internships available in Argentina, Ecuador and New Zealand (VIRTUAL offerings)

CRCC Asia- industry immersion experience (Asia) (VIRTUAL for summer 2021)

Cultural Vistas Virtual Fellowship (Internship)- Virtual Internships (funded virtual internship for underrepresented US university students)  

Learn International (virtual internship placements in Ireland  no credit) 

Authentica (virtual internship placements in Asia - no credit) 

Virtual Internships through the University of Nicosia in Cyprus (for credit!)
example projects have included: smart contracts, cybersecurity, adaptive sensing for drones, etc.

Virtual Internships (through CAPA): (remote internship placements as part of Pitt's NEW Global Programs at Home option) available in: Barcelona,  Dublin, Florence, London, & Sydney.  

VIRTUAL Engineering Semester Courses/Programs

VIRTUAL FAME program through ENSEA  Virtual courses for Spring 2021 through Pitt's NEW Global Programs at Home option!