Pitt | Swanson Engineering

“Both the research project and my experiences outside the lab have helped me become much more independent. Living and traveling and conducting experiments on my own has given me more confidence in my ability to make plans and deal with unforeseen problems. My experiences in Japan also taught me about culture, and how it helps shape but does not define who we are as individuals. I’m so, so grateful to the Nakatani RIES fellowship for giving me the opportunity to learn more about research, myself, and the world around me. This program has not only influenced how I envision my future education and career, but has helped me fundamentally develop as a person. Although it’s been hard to come back to the U.S., I’m excited to take what I’ve learned this summer and make the most of my remaining time in college.” 

– Kaylene S., Bioengineering, Nakatani RIES- Japan- Summer 2017

“Doing research with the SERIUS program made studying abroad affordable for me and was an incredible experience. I got to travel the world for the first time with classmates and new friends, all while being in a world-class neurotech lab. It’s the kind of learning you won’t find in the classroom.”

– McKenzie S., Bioengineering, SERIUS- Singapore Summer 2019

"My time in Germany enabled me to exchange my cultural and work practices for ones very different from my own. The professional benefits of such an exchange are unrivaled: it enables you to understand the broader impact of your work as an engineer, consolidate beneficial work practices between different cultures, and collaborate with those whose professional and cultural backgrounds differ strongly from yours. The personal benefits of going abroad are equally great: studying abroad improves your self-reliance in an unfamiliar environment and enables you to understand the cultural context of your actions, causing you to both grow and understand yourself better. I am extremely grateful to have gone abroad; this experience benefited me in the ways I mentioned and countless others. I highly encourage others to do the same; unlike other experiences, this is one you can only have in college. Seize this opportunity while you still can!"

– Trevor K., Bioengineering, DAAD RISE- Universität Rostock- Germany- Summer 2019



Simone M., INdustrial Engineering, IIP, Paris Summer 2019

“This program allowed me to see what working in an international setting actually entails. Working internationally in theory is completely different than it is in practice, and I am so happy I was able to have had this opportunity to explore my interests beyond the classroom...   For my personal project, I implemented 5S methodology in the gallery stock rooms and created a database to facilitate the artwork retrieval process.”

– J. Simone M., Industrial Engineering, IIP- Paris Summer 2019