Pitt | Swanson Engineering
Faculty Research Interests
Tenure/Tenure-Stream Faculty Research Interest
Anna C. Balazs theory; computational modeling; polymers; composites
Ipsita Banerjee bioengineering; systems biology; regenerative medicine
Eric Beckman sustainability; polymers
Andrew Bunger hydraulic fracturing; geological engineering
Robert M. Enick, Vice Chair for Research petroleum engineering; CO2 solubility; carbon capture; high pressure phase behavior
Susan Fullerton
polymer, electrolyte, nanoelectronics, transition metal
dichalcogenide, graphene, memory
Gerald Holder phase behavior of natural gases & petroleum with emphasis on natural gas hydrates
J. Karl Johnson computational modeling; nanoporous materials, CO2 capture and reduction; energy storage
John A. Keith catalysis; computational chemistry; materials; renewable energy
Prashant N. Kumta energy storage; biomaterials
Lei Li surface science; ionic liquids; wetting; tribology
Steven R. Little, Chairman drug delivery; biomaterials; immuno-engineering; regenerative medicine
Mohammd S. Masnadidata-driven life-cycle assessment, sustainable processes, applied catalysis, and process integration and intensification
Joseph J. McCarthy, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies particulates; cohesive materials; heat transfer; transport
James McKone

electrochemistry, catalysis, energy, sustainability, materials

Badie I. Morsi petroleum engineering; reactors, processes, carbon capture and sequestration
Giannis Mpourmpakis (Ioannis Bourmpakis) catalytic processes on metals and metal oxides; hydrogen storage; nanoparticle growth
Tagbo Niepa

electrochemical technologies, biointerfaces & oil remediation, soft biomaterials for microbiome study

Robert S. Parker , Vice Chair for Graduate Education process control; systems medicine; nonlinear dynamical modeling
Jason Shoemaker
disease modeling, therapy optimization, Al-guided drug discovery
Sachin Velankar hydrogels; interfacial phenomena; polymers; rheology
Götz Veser catalysis; process intensification; nanomaterials; nanotoxicity
Christopher Wilmer computational materials discovery; energy; hypothetical materials; molecular modeling
Judith C. Yang surface science; catalysis; nanomaterials; materials characterization

Research/Teaching/Visiting/Adjunct Faculty Department Research Interest
Hseen Baled Chemical and Petroleum Engineering  
Taryn Bayles , Vice Chair for Undergraduate Education
Chemical and Petroleum Engineering
Engineering Education and Outreach to increase awareness of and interest in pursuing engineering as a career
Harvey Borovetz Bioengineering
Cardiovascular organ replacements for adult and pediatric patients
Gilles Clermont Critical Care Medicine

Shrikant Dhodapkar Chemical and Petroleum Engineering

William Federspiel Bioengineering
Advanced application of fluid mechanics and mass transport principles; Combining microfabrication and fiber technology with cellular and biomolecular components to create biohybrid artificial alveolar capillary units and bioactive hollow fibers with improved gas exchange efficiency and capacity; Design and development of membrane and particle based blood purification devices for the selective or semi-selective and patterned removal of pathogenic antibodies, inflammatory mediators, and other blood borne solutes; Design and development of novel artificial lung devices for near term clinical use in the treatment of respiratory failure in patients with acute or acute on chronic lung insufficiencies; Developing improved transport models and understanding of polymer degradation and drug delivery from nanoparticles and microparticles; Development of mathematical and computer simulation models related to respiratory and cardiovascular fluid mechanics and mass transport; Development of oxygen depletion devices for blood storage systems that will extend the shelf life of red cell units and deliver red cells of higher efficacy and lower toxicity for transfusion therapy; Modeling and optimizing artificial lungs and other membrane-based medical devices where functional performance depends on underlying transport or separation principles that dictate the device characteristics; Respiratory support catheters and paracorporeal assist lungs
Morgan Fedorchak Chemical and Petroleum Engineering

Peyman Givi Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science

Evan Granite U.S. DOE National Energy Technology Laboratory

Andrew Iezzi Chemical and Petroleum Engineering

Kenneth Jordan Chemistry
Cliff Kowall Lubrizol Corporation

Krzysztof Matyjaszewski Carnegie Mellon University

Michael D. McMahon, Unit Operations Lab Instructor Chemical and Petroleum Engineering
Bryan Morreale U.S. DOE National Energy Technology Laboratory

John Murphy Chemical and Petroleum Engineering

John F. Patzer II Bioengineering Clinical evaluation of liver assist devices; Development of platinized-titanium electrocatalyst/reactor system for organic oxidations; Development of portable, electrochemical-based hemodialysis system; Encapsulation technology for islets and hepatocytes; Hepatocyte tissue culture and detoxification kinetics; Implantable glucose sensor for an artificial pancreas; Liver assist device system development; Novel methods of ammonia removal from physiologic buffers
Jaoquin Rodriguez  Chemical and Petroleum Engineering  
Nathaniel Rosi Chemistry
Wei Shi Chemical and Petroleum Engineering

Dan Sorescu Chemical and Petroleum Engineering

Schohn Shannon Chemical and Petroleum Engineering

Radisav Vidic Civil and Environmental Engineering

William R. Wagner, McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine
X. Steve Xiao Savannah River National Laboratory

Victor Yashin Chemical and Petroleum Engineering

William Yim Institute of High Performance Computing, Singapore

Emeritus Faculty
Mohammad Ataai 
Shiao-Hung Chiang
George E. Klinzing
J. Thomas Lindt