Geoffrey Wolf (President), AB3LS

Jordan Hoellman (Vice President), KB3RZQ

Juan Manfredi (Club Trustee & Advisor), NA0B

Harry Bloomberg (Repeater Trustee), W3YJ


Joseph Ates, KB3TTR

Wes Harris, W9YYH

Joe Malingowski, N3TAV

Theresa Casciato, KA3YDG

Luis Chaparro 

Richard Colwell, WA3QKX

Neil Devlin, KB3QLB

Billy Epting, KB3QYG

Josh Gelman, KB3GIO

Paul Horenstein, K2PH

Ron Larsen, KC3BV

Louis Luangkesorn, KB3OGQ

Arvind Prasadan, KB3VKC

Rich Scaglion, N1VA

Ralph Sprang, KB3PVY

Former Members

We would like to thank our past members for helping build our club and wish them 73 in their future endeavors. Below is a list in reverse chronological order of our past members name, call sign, and highest attained position within the club (if applicable). Please email the current club president if you were once a member and would like to be included on the list.

Dan Carr (Business Manager), KC2UGS

Katie McLaughlin, KB3PVV, President

Tobias Ahnert, KB3VKD

Zachary Duncan