Professional Positions

2002 – present: University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA

Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

1997 – 2002: Minnesota Department of Transportation, Maplewood, MN.

Senior Engineer, Research the design, analysis and rehabilitation of concrete pavements. Instrument whitetopping, ultra-thin whitetopping and concrete pavements to measure material properties and pavement response. Calibrate structural and performance prediction models and identify the causes of premature failures. Research project engineer on projects pertaining to the construction and repair of whitetopping and ultra-thin whitetopping. Investigate the effectiveness of curing compounds used on portland cement concrete pavements, the effectiveness of test procedures used to evaluate curing compounds and the effectiveness of field application techniques.

2000: National Academy of Science, Transportation Research Board, Washington, DC.

Project Manager Loaned Staff, Worked with the Transportation Research Board Committee for Research on Improved Concrete Pavements, which provided oversight to the Innovative Pavement Research Foundation (IPRF) and the Federal Highway Administration, in the development of a national research plan for concrete and concrete pavements.

Professional Society Committees and Memberships


  • 2002-Present: TRB Committee AFD50 – Pavement Rehabilitation (Secretary)
  • 2001-Present: TRB Committee AFD70 - Rigid Pavement Design
  • 2000-Present: International Society of Concrete Pavements Member
  • 2004-Present: International Society of Concrete Pavements Editorial Committee Member
  • 1992-Present: American Concrete Institute (ACI) Member
  • 2006-Present: American Society of Civil Engineers Member
  • 2002-Present: ACI - Pittsburgh Chapter Member