Principal Investigator
Tevis Jacobs

Tevis Jacobs  

Ph.D., Materials Science and Engineering, University of Pennsylvania, 2013

Benedum Hall
Room 538-E
3700 O’Hara St.


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Postdoctoral Researchers:

Soodabeh Azadehranjbar, Ph.D.

PhD: University of Nebraska-Lincoln in Materials Engineering

My research focuses on understanding and optimizing the performance of technologically relevant nanomaterials. I am performing the first-ever compression testing on metal nanoparticles in the critical size range of their most common usage: single-digit-nanometer diameters using in situ electron microscopy. The goal is to identify the effect of surface energy on mechanical properties of materials at very small size scales. The findings of this work is critical in determining the mechanical stability of super small metal nanoparticles that affects their performance.


Nathaniel C. Miller, Ph.D.

PhD: University of Pittsburgh in Physical and Material Chemistry

My current work entails the implementation of advanced microscopy techniques to aid in the creation of cutting-edge statistical models of cross-scale surface topography of industrially relevant materials. This work moves toward linking cross-scale surface features with the resulting friction and adhesion properties of industrial relevant coating materials. The insights gained from this work will aid in the development of new predictive models for resulting material properties based on inherent material surface properties. 

PhD Students
Andrew Baker

Andrew Baker

My research focuses on the nanoscale aspects of contact. My primary project is investigating metal nanoparticle adhesion to oxide substrates via in situ Transmission Electron Microscope testing. I also support projects that investigate nanoparticle deformation, stress-driven adhesion of nanocontacts, and nanoscale topography of DLC coatings.


Ruikang Ding

I am working on mechanical properties of super small metal nanoparticles as well as nanoparticle shape characterization. We use in-situ TEM nano-indenter combined with AFM probe to compress nanoparticles and extract stress strain curves to get the mechanical strength of nanoparticles. Meanwhile, morphology of nanoparticles in TEM images is analyzed.

Masters Candidates

Alquist, Jonathon Paul


Luke Thimons

Abhijeet Gujrati

Sai Bharadwaj Vishnubhotla

Subarna Khanal (currently at Intel)

Surya "Sunny" Neelapu

Sean T. Hart
Tom Werkmeister
Mona Ramadan (currently at Komatsu Mining Corp.)