We embrace the hacker mentality, learn things by doing, engage in bold transdisciplinary projects, and take pleasure in the real-world impacts of our work.

  • Advancing Analytics Using Simulation Modeling to Improve Actionable Changes in the Opioid Overdose Epidemic (CDC)
  • Improving Cooperation and Coordination in Heterogeneous Crowds of Soldiers and Robots (Army DEVCOM Analysis Center)
  • Socially Responsible Data Collection and Network Intervention Design (Pitt Momentum Funds)
  • Modeling Threats to Sustainability of Social Networks as Critical Infrastructure (Pitt Cyber Accelerator Grant)
  • Complementing the Engineering Curriculum with Data for Social Good (Pitt Year of Data and Society)
  • A Sampling and Modeling Framework to Counter Online Conspiratorial Propaganda (Pitt Cyber Accelerator Grant)
  • Identifying Macro and Micro Factors in Spreading Conspiratorial Content (Meta Foundational Integrity Research Award)
  • Towards a Privacy-Preserving Framework for Research on Private, Encrypted Social Networks (NSF)
  • VIMP: A Discourse-Aware, Community-Informed Toolkit to Predict Virality and Impact of Vaccine Misinformation Contents (CDC)


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