Shoulder and Knee Testing Apparatus: STAR-IV

The STAR-IV system is used to apply forces on cadaveric limbs through glenohumeral or patellofemoral loading using six actuators. These actuators can apply forces to the rotator cuff or quadriceps tendons using a tendon cable pulley system. A load cell mounted on top of each actuator measures the force in each cable. The actuators are controlled through a computer with customized software that allow force and displacement data to be acquired for each cable.

This project plans to reestablish control of the actuators with a newly installed computer and control hardware. In addition, two new programs will be created in LabVIEW™ to control the actuators – one for the knee and one for the shoulder – each of which will communicate force, torque, and displacement data from the actuators and load cells to the computer. Each program will have separate user interfaces that will allow the user to set all parameters before the testing begins and allow customization for each test.

STARIV_1STarIV test machine