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Cortes, Stephanie

Undergraduate Student Researcher
Electrical & Computer

Education & Training

Research Interests

My research interests include AC and DC microgrids. In particular, I am interested in implementation of smart technologies on the grid. I aim to pursue a PhD towards the research and development in the power industry, specifically in the areas of power distribution systems and the electric grid. To this end, I aim to make my contribution in research, advancements, and implementation of Smart Grid technologies, grid efficiency, DC distribution systems, and integration of renewable energy on the grid. 

Awards & Honors

  1. University of Michigan Graduate Symposium Travel Grant, Fall 2014
  2. University Honors College Travel Grant, Fall 2014
  3. Northrop Grumman Foundation Scholarship, Fall 2014 - Spring 2015
  4. MCSI Undergraduate Research Program (URP) Fellowship, Summer 2014
  5. Brackenridge University Honors College Fellowship, Spring 2014
  6. Undergraduate Program in Neural Computation Summer Fellowship (uPNC), Summer 2013
  7. University of Pittsburgh Full-Tuition Scholarship, Fall 2012 - Present


  1. S.P. Cortes, "Case Study for Sustainable Building Modeling on a University Campus," Swanson School of Engineering Undergraduate Research Program, Summer 2014, Pittsburgh, University of Pittsburgh, 2015.