SHREC Students Clinch Best Paper Award for Research in Space Computing

The winning article studies the use of open-source RISC-V architecture to create customized systems for space computing

Snails carrying the world’s smallest computer help solve mass extinction survivor mystery

Inhee Lee Adapts Sensor to Measure the Light Snails Encounter

Pitt Nuclear Engineering Awarded $1.6 Million in Research Funding from U.S. DOE

The award, part of $61 million in DOE funding, will focus on the Swanson School's strengths in Fuel Cycle R&D

Modeling a Circular Economy for Electronic Waste

Pitt Engineers Propose Solutions for E-Waste Recycling Fraud

A Computational Look at How Genes Change the Human Brain

Pitt Engineer’s research will focus on better understanding the mechanisms behind Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological disorders

Swanson School Space Computing Team Heads to Houston

SHREC delivers new space system to NASA for launch on SpaceX-24 this fall

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Since its founding in 1893 by two legends, George Westinghouse and Reginald Fessenden, the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Pitt has excelled in education, research, and service. Today, the department features innovative undergraduate and graduate programs and world-class research centers and labs, combining theory with practice at the nexus of computer and electrical engineering, for our students to learn, develop, and lead lives of impact.

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