Computational Resources

Linux cluster of 24 cores (PowerStation Quattro A4600 with 2TB of usable RAID storage space) is permanently dedicated for the EPEF research group. This cluster is ideal for Open MP-based as well as for MPI-based simulations.

Additionally, the EPEF has workstations to perform small simulations.

Linux cluster at the Center for Simulation and Modeling

Since 2009, the group has utilized a 128-core Linux cluster which is part of the Center for Simulation and Modeling ( at the University of Pittsburgh. The Center takes care of maintenance and upgrade of the operating system and installation of the required software for parallelization. Furthermore, the Center provides a larger number of processors when needed for detailed simulations or simulations of larger domains as is the case for many environmental flow projects.

Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (

Computational hours in the PSC are obtained to increase the computational resources available for projects.

General software used in this research group:
Tecplot, Gridgen, Flow3D, Fluent, AutoCAD, Microsoft Office, Mathematica, Matlab, Paraview, Latex, Intel compilers, ArcGIS, Visual C++, C++, and Java.