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Dr. Ian Nettleship is the founder of the Ceramic Filter Project and continues to supervise projects and coordinate its activities. Dr. Nettleship has conducted research and service learning on ceramic water filters for over 15 years.  


The Ceramic Filter Project works with not-for-profit organizations that work to establish and support small-scale ceramic filter manufacturing facilities in marginalized communities.  Field workers for these organizations provide context and project topics based on their field experience. In particular, the Ceramic Filter Project at Pitt collaborates with Pittsburgh-based Ceramic Water Filter Solutions who have a training facility in Pittsburgh and collaborate with filter factories in Nigeria, Mexico and Nepal.

Alexander, Alyse
Program Coordinator, INVESTING NOW
Allen, Alaine
Director, INVESTING NOW,Director, Educational Outreach and Community Engagement
Allison, Liza
Program Administrator, University of Pittsburgh Center for Advanced Manufacturing
Barber, Brandon
BioE Design, Innovation, and Outreach Coordinator
Barcic, Maureen A.
Director, Co-op,Cooperative Engineering
Becker, Elaine
Executive Assistant to Dr. Bryan Brown
Bell, Monica
Special Projects Coordinator
Boone, Paul
ChemE Systems Programmer
Bowersox, Kate
Director of Constituent Relations
Byland, Lauren M.
Associate Director and Coordinator of Recruitment
Carlin, Joni D.
ChemE Administrative Assistant to Prof. Balazs
Castello, Maria
Graduate Program Administrator
Cerchiara, Rocco R.
Research Associate
Chang, Chien-Fu
Senior Web Developer
Cheshire, Kristal
Program Administrator
Clark, Madison
Office Manager,120 McKee Place
Cleary, Deborah
Research Technician
Constantino, Leo M.
Director of Strategic Business and Financial Operations
Datta, Manashi
BioE Laboratory Technician
Dawson, Jessica A.
ECE Department Administrative Assistant
Decenzo, Diann B.
BioE Senior Research Accountant
Defranco, Anthony
Radiofrequency Engineer
DelGrosso, Alexis
BioE Financial Administrator
Dennis, Jeremy
Technology Projects & Software Licensing Manager
Devine, Keith
Swanson Center for Product Innovation
Donaldson, Nancy A
Executive Administrator, Office of the Dean
Doty, J. Kenneth
Online Learning & Technology Services Lead
Dukes, April
Faculty and Future Faculty Program Director, EERC
Falk, Andrew
Executive Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations
Frankovic, Chris Ann
Assistant Director, Co-op,Cooperative Engineering
Gannon, Nicole
ECE NSF SHREC Center Site Coordinator
Grogan, Alysia
CEE Undergraduate Administrator
Hager, Charles
CEE Structures/Materials Technician
Harper, Kristen
ChemE PCC Conference Coordinator
Harvey, George
IE Research & Projects Administrator
Harvey, Jill G
Associate Director and Coordinator of Advising
Holmes, John A.
Swanson Center for Product Innovation
Huff, Lisa Marie
Office Coordinator, INVESTING NOW Pre-College Diversity Program
Ilchuk, Danielle
Administrator, Offices of Assistant Dean & Executive Director
Kapp, Amy M.
CEE Department Administrator
Karon-Oswalt, Leslie
Senior Graphic Designer
Keller, Lisa
Director of Stewardship and Alumni Affairs
Kerr, Emily
ChemE Undergraduate Program Administrative Assistant
Kincaid, Abby
Academic Advisor
Kirchhof, Christopher
Coordinator of Transfer Student Services
Kiska, Devin
Academic Advisor
Klan, Nicole
ECE Department Administrator
Kovach, Paul
Director of Marketing and Communications
Kovalcik, Gena M.
Co-Director of Administration and External Relations,Mascaro Center for Sustainable Innovation
Kozak, Katie
CEE Administrative Coordinator
Kratz, Kevin
Software Developer
Kumf, Heather L.
Swanson School Concierge and Administrator,152 Benedum Hall
Lal, Shubhangi
BioE Coulter Project Manager
Lalley, Kristine
Director of International Engineering Initiatives
Leccia, Rita Ann
ChemE Graduate Program Administrative Assistant
Lenze, Meagan
MEMS Administrative Coordinator
Li, Xia
BioE Laboratory Manager
Liang, Alice
ChemE Executive Assistant to Dr. Steven Little, Chairman; and Post Award Assistant
Lucas, Nathan
IE Manufacturing Assistance Center Administrative Assistant
Lyle, James A.
ECE Department Technology Lead,Senior Electronics Specialist
Mahn, John
Finance Assistant
Malehorn, David
CEE Research Technician
Mance, Nicholas G.
BioE Graduate Administrator
Maniet, Robert A.
ChemE Senior Electronics Specialist
Manns, Heather L.
MEMS Undergraduate Student Administrator
Manzo, Matt
Senior Manager of Digital Design
McConegly, Mike
Department Administrator
McDonald, Jason
ChemE Department Technology Lead
McGahey, William
ECE Department Technology Lead,Senior Systems Administrator
McKelvey, Sally
BioE Personnel Coordinator
McMahon, Michael
ChemE Unit Operations Lab Manager
Mena, Irene
Director of the First-Year Engineering Program
Menzies, Erin
Senior Manager, Sponsored Projects Office
Misera, Justin R.
Manager, Sponsored Projects Office, Mascaro Pod
Morand, Cheryl
CEE Graduate Administrator
Myers-Irvin, Julie
Grants Developer, Office of Research
Olalde, Alicia JF
Global Programs Manager
Olaore, Sussan Yetunde
Pitt STRIVE Program Coordinator
Opalinski, Stephanie
Senior Manager of Graduate Engineering Program Recruitment
Oros, Alison
Undergraduate Administrator, Computer Engineering
Park, Patricia L.
ChemE Business Administrator
Paul, Cheryl A
Director Engineering Student Services
Pavlick, Maggie
Senior Communications Writer
Pearce, Nathan J.
Director, SSoE Technology Group
Peterson, Glenn W.
BioE Department Administrator
Pollock, Gary
Major Gift Officer
Potts, Chris
MEMS Department Technology Lead
Prinkey, Jarad W.
BioE Research Engineer
Quinn, Kristi
Sponsored Projects Specialist
Radocay, Jamie
Administrative Manager
Rodzwicz, Lindsay Jean
BioE Coulter Program Administrator
Russell, Leah
Content Manager/Editor
Schuetz, Erin
Undergraduate Program Administrator
Scott, Alexis
Research Technician
Segneff, James M.
IE Department Technology Lead,Senior Systems Analyst
Shannon, Schohn
Assistant Dean,Lecturer
Sibenac, Michael
IE Graduate Program Administrator
Skillen, Clint
Laboratory Technician
Starke, Adrian Lynn
ChemE Executive Assistant
Steadman, Jordan
Recruitment Coordinator & Enrollment Marketing Assistant, First-Year Engineering Program Office
Toplak, Robert F
ChemE Assistant Chairman
Trost, Kimberly
BioE Administrative Coordinator
Turek, Jaime M.
Administrative Office Coordinator,Office of David A.Vorp, PhD, Associate Dean for Research
Turk, Danielle
Research Coordinator
Tylka, Fred
CEE Department Technology Lead
Ubinger , Chris
Associate Director Corporate Relations
Vannatten, Ryan
Bioengineering Department Technology Lead,SSoE Centers and Institutes Lead
Washko, Kaitlyn
Academic Advisor
Wilt, Whitney
Undergraduate Administrator
Wodnicki, Kelly C.
MEMS Administrative Assistant
Zhang, GuangFeng
Laboratory Technician
Zucca, Carey Anne
Senior Executive Director of Development and Alumni Affairs