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Academic Counseling

Academic Counseling Sessions

They are focused on four major areas: academic, career, financial, and personal concerns.


To assist engineering students with employing the concept of ‘beginning with the end in mind’ – successfully planning for job placement or the continuation of their education after the undergraduate years by carrying out and facilitating the following tasks:

  • Monitoring academic performance
  • Assisting students with the creation and attainment of smart goals
  • Connecting students to useful campus resources
  • Assisting in the enhancement of students’ problem solving abilities
  • Providing opportunities for students to adequately prepare for graduate education
  • Providing a forum in which students have opportunities to share best practices for academic success in the engineering curriculum

Examples of Talking Points by Class Level


Scholarships (How to maintain and obtain)
Communication with Professors
Tutoring/Study Skills/Time Management
Major Selection

Internships Opportunities
Co-op Opportunities
Study abroad Opportunities
Connecting with your Major Department

Practice GRE Exam
Attending National and Regional Conferences
Fellowship Opportunities

GRE Exam
Completing Graduate School Applications
Attending Career Fairs
Completing Graduation Requirements