Pitt | Swanson Engineering
Staff List
U.S. Steel Dean of Engineering
Martin, James
U.S. Steel Dean of Engineering
Office of the Dean
Besterfield-Sacre, Mary
Nickolas A. DeCecco Professor, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, and Director of the Engineering Education Research Center
Chyu, Minking
Associate Dean for International initiatives
Vorp, David
Associate Dean for Research and John A. Swanson Professor of Bioengineering
Bazaz, Rama
Director of Administration
Donaldson, Nancy A
Executive Administrator, Office of the Dean
Ilchuk, Danielle
Administrator, Offices of Assistant Dean & Executive Director
Kovach, Paul
Director of Marketing and Communications
Myers-Irvin, Julie
Grants Developer, Office of Research
Opalinski, Stephanie
Senior Manager of Graduate Engineering Program Recruitment
Pearce, Nathan J.
Director, SSoE Technology Group
Rikstad, Pamela J
Administrative Manager,Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Shannon, Schohn
Assistant Dean,Lecturer
Vargo, Cathy
Assistant to the Dean