Freeway Ramp Management

Objective: Because limited funding is available to add capacity to urban freeway systems in Pennsylvania, traffic management solutions are needed to reduce congestion. One cost-effective type of traffic management solution is the use of ramp management. Since ramp metering was introduced many years ago advances have been made in traffic control and surveillance systems that makes ramp management a traffic congestion management tool that can be used in conjunction with the traffic management centers that have been put in operation in Pennsylvania. Ramp management includes four potential strategies for the operation of freeway ramps; they include ramp metering, ramp closure, special use treatments, and ramp terminal treatments. The objective of this research will be to the best practices available in ramp management that maybe used in Pennsylvania and to evaluate the feasibility and potentially design the concept of a ramp metering demonstration project in PennDOT District 11-0.


05 October, 2018

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