A Study of Highway Subsidence due to Longwall Mining using data collected from I-79

Objective: This study is proposed to study the field measured highway subsidence data collected by PennDOT under I-79 Highway resulting from the longwall mining. The objectives are to determine which of the existing models gives the best prediction, and to investigate the possibility of modifying these models if necessary. The data collected by District 12 on the subsidence taking place under I-79 highway will be used. The study framework implemented will contain the following features:

  • Collect and study the geological profiles and ground displacement records obtained during the longwall mining of the Emerald Mine and Cumberland Mine under I-79 Highway. The longwall mining will cover the following panels: Emerald B3, Emerald B4, and Emerald B5 and Cumberland LW 49, LW 50, LW 51, LW 52, and LW 53.
  • Study the subsidence profiles created by the longwall panels mentioned above.
  • Comparison of the measured subsidence profiles with the ones obtained using the Surface Deformation Prediction System (SDPS) model developed by the Office of Surface Mining.
  • Prediction of future subsidence as the panels mentioned above advance in the years ahead.


Principal Investigator : Luis Vallejo
Co-principal Investigator : J.S. LinAuthor


05 October, 2018

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