Developing a Methodology to Incorporate Transit, Pedestrian and Bicycle Design Features into Highway and Bridge Projects during the Planning and Design phases of Project Development in Pennsylvania

Background: The objective of this research was to develop a more qualitative means of assessing the need for bicycle, pedestrian, and transit facilities in conjunction with highway and bridge projects.

Findings: Data collection, latent demand, level of accommodation and the need for the accommodation of pedestrians, bicyclists and transit users in planning and designing highway and bridge projects was explored.

Results: The testing of three potential methodologies on four current highway and bridge projects explored how these methods could be adapted to Pennsylvania.

Recommendations: Based upon this evaluation, the researchers recommend consideration of a modified Georgia DOT method to replace the current bicycle and pedestrian checklist. The Georgia DOT method provides a more prescriptive methodology and incorporates crash criteria, specifically for pedestrians and bicycles.


05 October, 2018

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