Qianru Yang

I received my B.S. degree in Life Science from the University of Science and Technology of China where I worked with Dr. Guoqiang Bi and Dr. Pakming Lau from 2012 to 2016. During that time, I constructed a depression model (social defeat model) on mice and optimized the protocol of brain tissue clearing techniques for large-scale and super-resolution imaging. Since joining the NTE lab in 2016, I have been working on:

•  Improving in vivo two-photon imaging system for chronic characterizations of brain-electrode interface

•  Chronic assessment of melatonin’s influence on microglial reaction to neural electrodes implantation

 In vivo examinations of microglial responses to zwitterionic polymer coated neural electrodes by two-photon microscopy

•  Brain clearing methods for histological evaluations of neural implant-tissue interface

In my spare time, I enjoy dancing, painting, cooking, hiking, snowboarding, etc.


Yang, Q., Wu, B., Eles, J. R., Vazquez, A. L., Kozai, T. D., & Cui, X. T. (2020). Zwitterionic Polymer Coating Suppresses Microglial Encapsulation to Neural Implants in vitro and in vivoAdvanced Biosystems, 1900287.

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Poster presentations:

Yang, Q., Pan, X., Golabchi, A., Eles, J. R., Kozai, T. D. Y., Cui, X. T. “A time course study of melatonin's effect on microglial responses to neural implants as revealed by two-photon imaging”, Poster presented at: Neuroscience 2018, Society for Neuroscience; 2018 Nov 7; San Diego, CA, USA.

Yang, Q., Eles, J. R., Wu, B., Vazquez, A. L., Kozai, T. D. Y., Cui, X. T. “CLARITY based 3D histology assessment of neural electrodes with antifouling coating implanted in mouse cortex”, Poster presented at: Neuroscience 2017, Society for Neuroscience; 2017 Nov 11-15; Washington D.C., USA.

Yang, Q., Wang, H., Xue, F., Zhu, Q., Lau, P., Bi, G. “Optimization of brain clearing and immunostaining”. Cold Spring Harbor Asia Crick Symposium. June 2015.

Email: qiy24@pitt.edu