Mike Freedman

Research Interests

Mike Freedman is a fifth-year undergraduate student pursuing degrees in bioengineering, music, and chemistry. His research is focused on the characterization and optimization of electrically controlled drug delivery systems from conducting polymer films. For his thesis in pursuit of the degree of Bachelor's of Philosophy, he is investigating a novel binary drug delivery mechanism to selectively release drugs of different charge through electrical stimulation. He is also a teaching assistant for organic chemistry 1 & 2, and works in Children's Hospital as a technician for an extracorporeal heart/lung machine. Mike enjoys music of all kinds (except country), the great outdoors, swimming and cycling.


Bachelors of Science in Bioengineering
Bachelors of Science in Chemistry
Bachelors of Arts in Music
University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA

Conference Presentations

  1. M. Freedman , X. Luo, X. T. Cui. "Simultaneous Controlled Release of Dopamine and Dexamethasone via Nanoporous Polypyrrole." Biomedical Engineering Society 2009 Annual Fall Scientific Meeting. Pittsburgh, PA October 7th 2009
  2. M. Freedman , K. Krishnamurthy, W. G. Lultschik, W. D. Mockel, T. Yeager. "Track and Healed Knee Brace." Senior Design Symposium, University of Pittsburgh Department of Bioengineering. Pittsburgh, PA April 17th 2009.
  3. M. S. Freedman , N. A. Alba, W. R. Stauffer, X. T. Cui. "Controlled Release of Fluorescein from Conducting Polymer Electrode Films as a Model System." Neural Interfaces Conference. Cleveland, OH June 16th 2008.
  4. M. Freedman , B. Bergstein. Prosthetic Limb Control Using a Brain-Machine Interface. Sixth Annual Freshman Conference. Pittsburgh, PA April 8th 2006.