James Eles

Presentations and Publications:

James Eles, Alberto Vazquez, TK Kozai, X. Tracy Cui, In vivo imaging of neuronal calcium during electrode implantation: spatial and temporal mapping of damage and recovery, Accepted by Biomaterials.

Degenhart AD*, Eles JR*, Dum R, Mischel JL, Smalianchuk I, Endler B, Ashmore RC, Tyler-Kabara EC, Hatsopoulos NG, Wang W, Batista AP, Cui XT. Histological evaluation of a chronically-implanted electrocorticographic electrode grid in a non-human primate. Journal of Neural Engineering. 2016, 13(4): 046019 [Link] [* Authors contributed equally]

Kozai TDY, Eles JR, Vazquez AL, Cui XT. Two-photon imaging of chronically implanted neural electrodes: Sealant Methods and new insights. Journal of Neuroscience Methods. 2015, 258(30) 46-55. [Link]

Eles JR, Zheng X, Prabhu P, Cui XT. Carbon Nanotube/Conducting  Polymer  Coatings  for  Electrically  Stimulated  Drug Release from intramuscular electrodes Biomedical Engineering Society Annual Meeting; 2015 Oct 7-10; Tampa, FL., USA. 

Eles JR, Kolarcik CL, Venpati SK, Cui XT. Combination electrical stimulation and pulsatile therapeutic-release strategies to preserve neuromuscular junction health in peripheral nerve injury. Poster presented at: Neuroscience 2014, Society for Neuroscience; 2014 Nov 15-19; Washington D.C., USA.

Eles JR, Degenhart AD, Dum RP, Mischel JL, Smalianchuk I, Endler BM, Ashmore RC, Tyler-Kabara EC, Hastopoulos NG, Wang W, Batista AP, Cui XT. Histological Evaluation of a Chronically-implanted Electrocorticographic Electrode Grid in a Non-Human Primate. Poster presented at:  BRAIN Grand Challenges Conference, IEEE EMBS; 2014 Nov 13-14; Washington D.C., USA.

Eles JR, Weaver CL, Snyder NR, Cui XT. Ultrastructural characterization of tissue reaction to neural probe implantation. Poster presented at: Neuroscience 2013, Society for Neuroscience; 2013 Nov 9-13; San Diego, California, USA.

Eles JR, Tremblay ME, Majewska AK. Visual Deprivation Regulates the GLT-1 Promoter in Cortical Astrocytes. Poster presented at: University of Rochester Center for Visual Sciences Summer Fellowship Poster Session 2011, University of Rochester Center for Visual Sciences; 2011 August; Rochester, NY ,USA.